Xiaomi presents the MINIEYE dash cam, able to warn us of the risk of accidents

Rather prosperous period for Xiaomi crowdfunding which today was the setting for the launch of a new product, dedicated to automotive safety. We are therefore talking about a dash cam or car camera, which in addition to recording events during the journey offers an extraordinary function, as it is able to predict and anticipate any accident risk situation.

Specifically, the gadget arrives on Youpin with the MINIEYE brand, proposing itself with dimensions equal to 104 x 36 x 40,5 mm, but the peculiarity lies in the fact that the MINIEYE dash cam is of a "modular" type, in fact the body of the lens it is detached from that of the monitor, which can then be positioned on the dashboard of the car, for a better view and without distractions.


And as anticipated, in addition to recording driving activity, thanks to a very high quality Sony photographic sensor, the MINIEYE dash cam is able to recognize vehicles, pedestrians and lanes, warning us in advance about any risks of collision and / or accident. .

Xiaomi presents the MINIEYE dash cam, able to warn us of the risk of accidents

The gadget uses an elaborate algorithm that is based on the distance between vehicles, as well as on their movements. Furthermore, it is also able to recognize pedestrians and involuntary lane departures, alerting us of this with a visual and acoustic warning through its integrated screen that will also show us the vehicles detected around us at all times.


The Sony optics also allows a truly enviable detail accuracy, both in night conditions and in scenarios where the massive intervention of HDR is required, which on MINIEYE benefits from AI technology. The manufacturer reports that this car camera is able to warn us up to 3,1 seconds earlier than the real risk of collision. Definitely a useful function, which in a certain sense replicates what is offered by the integrated systems of luxury cars, but in this case at a price accessible to everyone, or at least to Chinese users.


In fact, this car security camera from MINIEYE is priced at 1699 yuan, about 212 euros at the current exchange rate. However, it is likely to be expected to arrive on platforms such as AliExpress.


-54% Xiaomi presents the MINIEYE dash cam, able to warn us of the risk of accidents

70mai 1S Dash Cam D06 1080P English Voice Control IMX307 Sensor 130 Degree from Xiaomi Youpin

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