A leak reveals that Redmi 8A could arrive soon

Bingo did the new device launched by sub brand Xiaomi: the cost is definitely low for the smartphone, certainly due to the processor provided by MediaTek (for the Pro version), but the characteristics are worthy of medium range that is respected becoming in fact one gaming smartphone. But whoever stops is lost and so Redmi has decided to churn out other devices to complete the collection of Redmi 8 series: a leak would reveal to us the arrival of a new smartphone, just certified by ECC, which could easily be the Redmi 8A. Let's see why.

A leak reveals that Redmi 8A could arrive soon

Our sources they report this certificate which would attest that a new Redmi model with codename M1908C3XG is about to arrive. If we take a few steps back we can see how i respectively Redmi Note 8 e Note 8 Pro respectively have the codes as identification codes M1908C3JE e M1908C3IC: you also notice how only the last three digits change, compared to the first acronym.

This could somehow be a clue as to how the new one EEC certificate may be linked to the two new devices released a few days ago. A rather plausible hypothesis is, as you will have understood from the title, that it is really a question of Redmi 8A: the brand in fact, is not new at the exit of smartphones with this acronym as it is also the 6A and subsequently 7A they were launched at close range by their "fathers" who have the same number but different name, different from them exclusively for hardware. We expect, if it really comes out, that the low-performance model will still have a MediaTek processor less powerful or in any case one Low cost Snapdragon and specifications, perhaps an 660; it could also be plausible to state that the camera on board is the one to be 48 megapixel rather than the expensive from 64 megapixel destined, for now, to the Pro version. We'll see but without any doubt another very low-cost device would only increase the catchment area for the brand Redmi.

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I am satisfied that you essentially shared this information to us about Redmi 8A. You should keep awake with the most recent like this. Thankful to you for sharing.

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