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Xiaomi Roidmi: car battery charger with FM radio to 10 euro

We are no longer surprised by the numerous products that the Chinese Xiaomi giant marketed on the market, especially after seeing the Xiaomi Mi Trolley | Xiaomi Mi Trolley officially presented |. Today we announce that soon the Chinese giant will inaugurate a new product that, despite being connected to the electronics industry, is once again a novelty for it. We are talking about Xiaomi Roidmi (not to be confused with the Redmi smartphones), that is, a car battery charger that also has a small antenna for FM radio inside.

Xiaomi Roidmi

By analyzing in detail the technical features, I find that Xiaomi Roidmi has two USB ports for charging then simultaneously with two devices. The maximum power output is 3,1 A (2,1 A in one and 1 A in the other), so it is also suitable for charging a tablet. Thanks to the presence of a special internal chip, Xiaomi Roidmi can also be used with the iPhone.

Xiaomi Roidmi (1)

As the last thing about Xiaomi Roidmi we find a small FM radio antenna that, combined with the smartphone to charge, allows you to manage music through a Bluetooth connection. Unfortunately, we did not understand how audio can be transmitted to the car radio.

Xiaomi Roidmi (2)

As you could read in the title, Xiaomi Roidmi's price will be around 10 Euros (59 yuan for accuracy) and marketing is scheduled to be held exclusively in China as of next week.


via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
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