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New Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Series announced: it will have the video intercom function

Next Monday (February 20th), Xiaomi will launch a new product of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 series. The product was announced with the slogan “smart guardian can see”.

New Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Series announced: it will have the video intercom function

Judging from the preview poster, the new smart lock is very thick and the external lock appears to integrate a camera to support real-time monitoring. While in the internal lock we find a display screen, which can display what is happening in front of the door in real time.

Not only that, the new Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 series lock also integrates the doorbell function, in an all-in-one design, it meets most users' needs.

We recall that the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 was released in June last year, with a list price of 1799 yuan. Also in that model there was the built-in doorbell function, but there was no external camera or internal screen. So it's easy to imagine that the new smart lock should cost over 2000 yuan, about 270 euros at current exchange rates.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20

Let's quickly recap the specifications of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20, some of which we could find on the model that will be presented next week. The smart lock adopts high-strength alloy core frame and integrated IML technology with anti-finger crush design. Based on the opening and closing orientation of the door, the direction of the handle can in fact be customized to avoid accidentally pinching your fingers.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 supports fingerprint unlock, password unlock, periodic/one-time password, NFC unlock, mobile phone Bluetooth unlock and Homekit a total of seven unlock methods. Private storage of data such as fingerprints, long-term passwords, and periodic passwords is stored in a local encrypted vault, which cannot be read externally.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20
Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20

In addition, when used in conjunction with a device with a Bluetooth gateway function, the lock failure alarm can also be viewed remotely via the app, including the door not closed alarm, multiple trial and error alarms, and if the outer panel of the lock is forced open.

In terms of autonomy, the M20 lock is powered by 8 AA batteries for a long life of up to 10 months.

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