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Xiaomi has sold 1 million Redmi-branded power banks

In February of last year Xiaomi introduced two power bank Redmi-branded, one with the capacity of 10.000 mAh and one with 20.000 mAh. The Chinese company announced that it had sold 1 million units in total of these two. Let's find out more details on these mind-boggling numbers, which are still destined to grow.

Xiaomi power banks are available in Europe

In India, the two power banks are sold at a discount at the moment, up to INR 800 (20% discount) for the 10.000 mAh model and INR 1.400 (30% discount) for the 20.000 mAh one. In Europe, however, only the 10.000 model seems to be available. The larger model produces 18w, the smaller one is limited to 10w. Both can be charged using a USB-C or microUSB cable.

The one million sales refer only to Redmi-branded units, while last year Xiaomi announced that it had sold 10 million Mi power banks manufactured in India. And as early as 2015, the company boasted that its 10.400mAh power bank (launched in December 2013) was its best-selling accessory globally with 10 million units sold.

In short, the power banks of XIaomi and the Redmi sub brand are among the best-selling accessories of the Chinese brand. The sales numbers are literally mind-boggling and many more units are expected to be sold. And it is not certain that new models will not be released. Right at the beginning of June, the ZMI brand, part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, had presented what we can consider one of the most attractive power banks ever with its combination of purple and pink colors for a beautiful visual effect.

That said, below we link the power bank currently available here, which is sold on Amazon at the price of 17,99 €. A real opportunity to be seized.

Edoardo D'Amato

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