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Xiaomi solves the "privacy question" with an update software

A lot of questions have been put forward, many allegations have been made when the news that the Xiaomi-phone (especially the Redmi Notes) has been illegally sending sensitive user data to servers located in China. Although it is unclear why all this has happened, Xiaomi has released an update that would root out the problem.

The software update will change the nature of the MIUI Cloud Messaging service by turning it from automatically set to optional. Wise decision and especially obliged given the dust raised by many of Chinese chinese-hi-tech enthusiasts.

Considering our priority to protect the privacy and data of our users, we have decided to make MIUI Cloud Messaging an option that can be activated and no longer automatically inserted.


Xiaomi is currently in one of the most critical stages of his story. On the one hand, the expansion to new markets (Indonesia in the first, Brazil in secundis) from other attacks and allegations of violation of privacy. The crisis-management is active, we are really curious to see how the pechinese company will respond this time.


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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