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Xiaomi accused: violated advertising law!

Xiaomi is the largest Chinese smartphone maker at the moment. As we have reiterated in previous articles, this company has grown very quickly, becoming alone 5 years theOEM number one in China.

Said this, Xiaomi launched quite a few devices this year, and it has even become a MVNO (virtual network operator). Xiaomi he delights in a nutshell in everything! Really amazing as a company, do not you believe it too?





Lately, it looks like that Xiaomi received accusations from China, and now he is faced with them. The company is under investigation for violating the new advertising law it carries out. According to rumors, this law essentially prohibits the use of superlatives for the promotion of their products on commercials, posters, banners and other various forms. There Committee on Industry and Commerce of Beijing noted that the company in question violated this provision in launching a device, describing it as "the best"As price and features.


This law is fresh fresh, in fact, came into force on 1 ° September. One month ago! So, it seems that Xiaomi was the first company to test the consequences of this new right, which, although it may seem useless to us, in China they are taking it very seriously.


I remember they are just rumors, but should they be confirmed, we certainly would not hesitate to tell you.



Article Xiaomi accused: violated advertising law! seems to be the first of

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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