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Xiaomi establishes the "Xiaomi Sports Scholarship": 10 million Yuan to help young athletes

At last year's Tokyo Olympics, Chinese sprinter Su Bingtian made it to the final with a time of 9,83 seconds, setting the fastest time in Asia and becoming the twelfth time ever in the 100 meters. Subsequently, the Xiaomi brand officially announced that Su Bingtian, "the flying man of 100 meters" has become the spokesperson for the Chinese brand.

Xiaomi establishes the "Xiaomi Sports Scholarship": 10 million Yuan to help young athletes

In fact, even after the Xiaomi Mi 12 launch conference, Lei Jun and Su Shen streamed a physical education lesson and in the final sprint race, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, unfortunately finished last.

In any case, Xiaomi's expansion in the sports field does not stop there. This afternoon, Lei Jun also published that the Xiaomi Foundation has donated 10 million yuan to establish the "Xiaomi Sports Scholarship" at the All-China Sports Foundation to help young athletes develop well and inspire more athletes to work hard. in sport and in one's life in general.

According to reports, the "Xiaomi Sports Scholarship" was established by the All-China Sports Foundation with a total of 10 million yuan (1,380 million euros) donated by the Xiaomi Foundation. The project will be carried out in 5 years. Every year, the athletes who attend the secondary education phase and who have achieved excellent results in sports competitions are awarded. There will be funding and implementation of themed activities, with the aim of helping the global growth of talent in sports reserves.

Recall that this is not the first time that Xiaomi invests in sport. Already in 2018, the Chinese brand launched the charity initiative #RaiseTheCup, a project organized by Xiaomi to raise funds for Beyond Sport, a non-profit organization that finances projects with a social theme in communities around the world, using sport as a "social marketing" tool.

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