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Lei Jun shows the Xiaomi SU7 in action on the snow: a dream machine

Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, shared some photos of the on his Weibo account Xiaomi SU7, the first electric car produced by the famous Chinese technology company, during the winter test in Heihe, a city located on the northern border.

Lei Jun shows the Xiaomi SU7 in action on the snow: a dream machine

The photos show the Xiaomi SU7 in two different colors, olive green and bay blue, which stand out in the snowy landscape. The car has a sleek and sporty design, with a rear wing that rises to increase aerodynamics and stability. Lei Jun commented that the Xiaomi SU7 is very beautiful and has a strong personality.

Lei Jun also posted a video demonstrating the car's excellent performance on icy and snowy roads. The car manages to maintain good grip and a smooth ride even when cornering, thanks to its all-wheel drive and electronic stability control systems. Furthermore, the Xiaomi SU7 supports customized driving modes, which allow the driver to adjust various parameters such as acceleration, steering, suspension height, damping, traction distribution ratio between the front and rear wheels, the energy recovery ratio, etc.

La Xiaomi SU7 It's a high-performance, high-tech C-Class car that aims to challenge Western rivals like Tesla and Porsche. He has one length of 4997 mm, a wheelbase of 3000 mm and a height of 1440 mm. It is equipped with Xiaomi CATL batteries, with a capacity of 101 kWh and an autonomy of 800 km according to the CLTC cycle. It supports 800V super-fast charging, which allows it to have a range of 220 km after just 5 minutes of charging. The Xiaomi SU7 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2,78 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 265 km / h, surpassing the Porsche Taycan Turbo in every way.

Xiaomi SU7 electric car

However, Lei Jun has stressed several times that Xiaomi's first car does not yet have a definitive price. You said that the machine was designed to the standards of a dream machine and the investment was very high, so the price will definitely be a little expensive. She ruled out that the car could cost 99.000, 149.000 or 199.000 yuan, as some rumors had hypothesized. The final price will be announced by Lei Jun at the next official press conference, which will presumably be held in the second half of 2024.

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