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Do you want a unique wallpaper? Xiaomi creates it for you with generative AI. Here's how | DOWNLOAD APK

Xiaomi has recently presented his linguistic model in China, which allows you to work and use generative artificial intelligence on smartphones. The Chinese giant has already shown how AI works on its devices, but up to now we have only had a taste at a programming level. The good Kacper Skrzypek now he shows us a preview of how Xiaomi will allow us to generate AI-generated wallpapers.

The .apk file is available for download: Mi_Wallpaper_Carousel_M924041600-S.apk

Xiaomi: here are the personalized wallpapers generated with generative AI

Xiaomi has decided to redefine the aesthetics of smartphones with an innovation that captures the essence of customization: the “Surprise wallpapers“. This feature, currently exclusive to users of the Chinese version of the Mi Wallpaper Carousel app, allows you to generate automatically backgrounds only thanks to artificial intelligence.

What makes these wallpapers so special? Each wallpaper is generated by AI to be unique, reflecting personal tastes and preferences without the user having to intervene manually. The presence of a watermark AI, discreet but distinctive, in the lower right corner of the screen, attests to the innovative and technological origin of each image. At the moment it is not clear to us whether there is a text field to fill in through which theAI-Generated Content (AIGC) will create the images digitally.

What Kacper tells us is that it is a updating the capital market sector, equity side and debt side, in all the preparatory and executive phases for the issue and placement of financial instruments; server, so there is no possibility of customization. The new background options will be based on self-selected images or randomly customized if not selected by the user.

Xiaomi not only has AI-generated wallpapers ready, but the production of its digital assistant based on generative artificial intelligence is also planned. Originally intended as a simple support for everyday functions, XiaoAI (the Chinese assistant) has proven to be something much bigger programming the classic game “Snake” in Python, highlighting not only programming ability but also an in-depth understanding of the language itself.

That said, we don't know when the AI ​​wallpaper creation feature will be available in the ROM HyperOS Global. However, we are certain that the Chinese company plans to export this function. For those who have the ROM, you can try it right away since it is a simply translated Android skin equipped with Google services.

Gianluca Cobucci
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