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Xiaomi Watch S3 and Xiaomi Watch 2 officially presented: specifications and prices

In addition to Smart Band 8 Pro, Xiaomi presented its new smartwatches Xiaomi Watch S3 and Xiaomi Watch 2, which join the series that began last year with Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro. These devices combine a refined design with advanced features of Google Wear OS, sports activity and health tracking, and a long-lasting battery.

Xiaomi Watch S3 and Xiaomi Watch 2 officially presented: specifications and prices

Xiaomi Watch S3 watch 2 Italy specifications prices

Lo xiaomi watch s3 is inspired by classic watches, with a AMOLED display from 1,43 " and a light aluminum alloy frame. The smartwatch allows users to customize their style, thanks to the interchangeable dials and straps, which offer different combinations of colors and materials. Furthermore, the smartwatch supports portrait auto keying, a feature that allows you to create a personalized watch face with photos you take.

The Xiaomi Watch S3 also stands out for its very long-lasting battery, which can come up to 15 days on a single charge. If necessary, the smartwatch recharges quickly, guaranteeing up to two days of use with just a 5-minute charge. Another Xiaomi novelty on the Xiaomi Watch S3 is the function that allows you to perform customized operations with just one hand, simply by moving your wrist. For example, users can reject calls, check the weather or take photos with their phone.

The Watch S3 is also a smartwatch designed for athletes, with over 150 sports modes to choose from. Among these, there are the new modes for winter sports, available for the first time in the global version of Xiaomi Watch S3. Users can enjoy ski mode with improved reception performance and higher positioning accuracy thanks to the L1+L5 dual-band GNSS.

Xiaomi Watch S3 does not neglect the health of users, with a module of 12-channel heart rate monitoring which measures heart rate more accurately than previous generations.

Xiaomi Watch 2

Xiaomi Watch 2

Xiaomi Watch 2 it is the younger brother of Xiaomi Watch S3, but no less performing. The smartwatch offers a smooth and stable experience, thanks to its features Google Wear OS and its platform Snapdragon W5+Gen 1 Wearable.

The smartwatch comes with 5 of the most used apps and supports an additional 200 third-party apps, giving users a wide range of applications on Google Play to choose from. The smartwatch also has a 495mAh battery and 32GB storage space, which guarantee a battery life of up to 65 hours with typical use and high-performance, low-power autonomous switching.

The Watch 2 has a sleek and sophisticated design, with a 1,43" AMOLED display and an aluminum alloy central dial. The smartwatch weighs approximately 37g, making it comfortable to wear during sports activities or while sleeping. The smartwatch is available with black or silver strap and offers several material options to complete your look.

Xiaomi Watch 2

The Xiaomi Watch 2 features a remote camera function for the first time, allowing users to preview the smartphone's camera directly on the wrist to take photos and record videos.

Additionally, the Watch 2 supports over 160 sports activity modes, including new modes for winter sports. It can record the distance and average speed of each descent and even map the user's ski tracks. The L1+L5 dual-band GNSS helps users locate themselves accurately in snow or other challenging environments.

Xiaomi Watch 2 offers an improved and highly accurate health monitoring experience with its upgraded 12-channel heart rate monitoring module.

Prices and availability

Lo xiaomi watch s3 will be available at recommended price of €149,99

Lo Xiaomi Watch 2 it will be available at the recommended price of €199,99, but will be on sale at early bird price of 179,99€ on, Amazon, Mediaworld and Unieuro from 25 February to 3 March.

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