Xiaomi will add new sensors to its phones for earthquake detection

Detection earthquakes and other natural disasters associated with smartphones Xiaomi we had already talked in the past: This feature has been available in the Chinese company's devices for years. Despite the implementations made on MIUI 11, Xiaomi is working to improve this function.

We know that it is very difficult to be able to detect an earthquake in time: it is an early warning that can avoid a difficult situation and that allows a city to be evacuated early. There are no methods, especially in smartphone hardware, to detect an earthquake in a timely manner, but things are improving. And Xiaomi is becoming the most attentive company to this type of tracking.

Detection by Xiaomi hardware

As we said, this warning feature of earthquakes and other natural disasters has been available in Xiaomi phones for several years. The Chinese company claims that thanks to its collaboration with institutions in the seismic sector, it has successfully warned 35 earthquakes of magnitude 4 or more, sending more than 12 million warning messages to users about these events. But now the Chinese company is working to improve this natural disaster detection.

If so far the earthquake warning was based on information and warnings received from local seismology institutes, Xiaomi's idea now is to add new sensors to its future devices. With two new sensors, phones could analyze vibrations and detect the existence of an active earthquake. In this way the phones of the Chinese company would become real seismometers, based on specific hardware.

In addition to this, algorithms based on artificial intelligence and neural networks would be used, to discern in real time whether what has been revealed is a simple vibration or something related to a real earthquake. For the moment this implementation is foreseen only for the Chinese market, but in the future it could also be extended to Europe.

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