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Xiaomi S12 Floor Cleaning Robot at €189.99 on Amazon Prime

Il Xiaomi S12 robot floor cleaner represents a significant innovation in the field of automated domestic cleaning, bringing with it a series of cutting-edge features and technologies that aim to simplify and make home cleaning more effective. In this article, we will explore the distinctive features of the Xiaomi S12 in detail, highlighting how this device stands out in the increasingly competitive market of robot vacuum cleaners.

Xiaomi S12 robot


Design and construction

The Xiaomi S12 sports a sleek, minimalist design that fits perfectly into any home decor. Its compact structure allows it to easily navigate under furniture and in tight spaces, ensuring that no corner of the house remains overlooked. The build quality of the device is excellent, with resistant materials that guarantee durability and reliability over time.

Advanced navigation technology

One of the most impressive features of the Xiaomi S12 is its sophisticated navigation technology. The device is equipped with a precision laser mapping system that allows it to scan and map your home with incredible accuracy. This technology ensures that the robot vacuum cleaner can plan the most efficient cleaning path, avoiding obstacles and ensuring complete coverage of all areas.

Powerful suction and cleaning versatility

The Xiaomi S12 does not disappoint in terms of suction power, in fact it reaches 4000Pa. It can effectively pick up dust, hair, pet hair and other debris from a variety of surfaces, including carpets and hard floors. Additionally, the device includes several cleaning modes that can be customized to the user's specific needs, making it extremely versatile.

Artificial intelligence and control apps

The integration of artificial intelligence in the Xiaomi S12 elevates the user experience, allowing the robot to adapt to changes in the home environment and improve its cleaning performance over time. Users can control the device via a dedicated application, which offers features such as scheduling cleaning, selecting cleaning modes and real-time monitoring of the cleaning process.

Autonomy and recharge

The Xiaomi S12 is equipped with a long-lasting 3200mAh battery that allows it to cover large surfaces without the need for frequent charging. When the battery nears the end, the robot automatically returns to its charging base to regenerate, and then resumes work from where it left off, thus ensuring uninterrupted cleaning.


Il Xiaomi vacuum robot S12 represents a significant step forward in robotic vacuum cleaner technology. With its combination of intelligent design, powerful suction, advanced navigation technology and intelligent features, it positions itself as one of the most innovative and high-performance devices on the market. For those looking for reliable help in household cleaning, the Xiaomi S12 could be the ideal solution, offering a perfect mix of efficiency, convenience and cutting-edge technology.


Xiaomi X10 Floor Cleaning Robot

190€ 360€
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  • LASER NAVIGATION AND PRECISE DETECTION OF THE SURROUNDING ENVIRONMENT: The Xiaomi S12 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with laser navigation technology, capable of performing 360° scans, quickly identifying the home environment and creating an accurate map of the home; The robot is equipped with a cutting-edge laser distance sensor that enables precise positioning, accurate distance measurements and optimal performance
  • 4.000 PA POWER: Thanks to the powerful brushless motor, the robot vacuum cleaner removes dust and hair with ease; It is also equipped with a water tank and a practical 2-in-1 dust container; The smart water tank releases water evenly to ensure constant humidity without wetting the floor; Three different water settings are available for different floor materials
  • ZIG-ZAG AND Y-SHAPED CLEANING PATHS: S-shaped cleaning ensures efficiency, while Y-shaped cleaning simulates manual cleaning, repeatedly mopping from left to right to ensure effective removal of floor stains
  • 3.200 mAh HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY: The 3200 mAh battery powers the robot vacuum cleaner for up to 130 minutes* of cleaning in standard mode; The numerous sensors allow the robot vacuum cleaner to recognize complex environments, effectively reducing the likelihood of hitting obstacles or getting stuck
  • CONNECT TO THE XIAOMI HOME APP TO UNLOCK MORE CLEANING FUNCTIONS: Use the Xiaomi Home app to control the robot vacuum cleaner remotely and track cleaning progress
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