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YouTube Go goodbye: when and why the app will disappear

Six years ago, Google announced YouTube Go as the official "Lite" version of the multimedia platform. This was designed for both slow connections and simple smartphones and was born with Android Go. Now, the company has announced that it will disappear in August of this year. The strangeness news comes after Google decided to indirectly close YouTube Vanced. But let's see why Google made this decision.

The "Lite" YouTube Go app will disappear in August. Here are the reasons that led Google to say goodbye to the app that many found very convenient

With the release of Android Go, Google started creating reduced versions of its apps with the “last name” Go. One of them was YouTube Go, which promised to be more practical in places where the Internet connection is more unstable. To do this, he allowed to download videos on your mobile to watch them later. Not only that, the application is also much lighter, making it more suitable for mobile phones that have poco storage space. 

Once installed, YouTube Go uses approximately 40 MB of storage space , while the official app exceeds 150 MB, not counting data and cache. Now, Google announced that the YouTube Go app it will be closed from August. The application hasn't been updated very often (the latest update is from October last year) but it has already started showing a banner inviting you to switch to the regular version of YouTube. 

The reasons why Google decided to close YouTube Go

Between reasons that Google has used to justify the closure there is that the official application of YouTube has improved its performance both for slow networks, as well as having more features that were not present in the Go version. For example comments, content creation or dark mode.

Google suggests current users to consider using the standard app or, alternatively, the website. Another alternative is NewPipe, which is still standing for now (hoping it doesn't end up like Vanced).


Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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