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ZEERA SUVOLT GEN 4 MAGSAFE CAR CHARGER – Cools your smartphone and charges it like a BOMB!!!

Charging your smartphone is a common problem for both Android and iOS users, as is the problem relating to the temperatures that are often reached in certain periods of the year, causing our beloved devices to overheat, which sometimes eventually lose power. performance or even crashes (users who use their phones paired with Android Auto or CarPlay know this well).

MagSafe ZEERA SUVOLT GEN4 car charger with active cooling
39,99/55,99 $ 49,99/69,99 $
ZEERA SUVOLT GEN 4 MAGSAFE CAR CHARGER – Cools your smartphone and charges it like a BOMB!!!
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Keeping all this in mind, I came across a car accessory developed by the ZEERA brand, namely the SUVOLT GEN4, which specifically allows you to charge your devices wirelessly (via MagSafe technology), while cooling your smartphone at the same time. I tested the product for a long time and I'll tell you right now that although MagSafe technology is present and therefore specific for Apple devices, if you have an Android smartphone capable of charging wirelessly, with a simple MagSafe ring available online for a few euros, even with these devices you will be able to benefit from what the ZEERA gadget offers.


Given that on the official website of the brand, there are different configurations, in my case I was able to try the complete package. In any case, the packaging is well taken care of and inside everything is well organized and protected by a soft sponge, with various compartments where we can find:

  • ZEERA SUVOLT GEN4 MagSafe charging base;
  • anchoring bracket to car air vents;
  • adapter for car air vents;
  • metal bracket with adhesive attachment for glass/dashboard attachment;
  • replacement adhesive for metal bracket;
  • Allen key for tightening the glass/dashboard attachment bracket;
  • braided USB-C/USB-C power cable;
  • instruction manual (English/Chinese only).


Already from the unboxing we could see how ZEERA pays attention to every smallest detail, such as the insertion of the Allen key for fine adjustments of the windshield or dashboard bracket. This is made of metal for optimal support of the smartphone, even of generous dimensions and weight.

The power cable is also made of braided nylon, making it resistant over time but above all avoiding annoying tangling. But the real protagonist is the charger which offers a modern design but above all the metal plate with which it is made also gives a premium appearance. Assembling our ZEERA SUVOLT GEN4 is decidedly simple, being able to choose between anchoring it to the windshield or dashboard or via the car's air vents. In this regard, even if you have specially shaped air conditioning vents. the inclusion of the appropriate accessory allows the gadget to be compatible with any car/truck.

Returning to the primary gadget, there is a soft silicone smartphone support surface that will prevent scratches to your device. Under the surface there are powerful magnets with MagSafe technology, which will be responsible for conducting charging wirelessly. Furthermore we find a central block which will be cooled by means of a fan, always keeping the temperatures of the smartphone stable, avoiding overheating. In fact this surface is practically almost frozen.

Of course we can use the smartphone with a case, which is almost mandatory for Android devices: naturally the covers must be equipped with a MagSafe ring. However, a reduced thickness of the case is recommended, to make the charging system and the magnet efficient at the same time.


Charging speed is always a concern for users, whether in the car or outside. In the case of the ZEERA SUVOLT GEN4, the experience was optimal. During my tests, which took place both with the iPhone 11 Pro with MagSafe case but also with a Motorola Edge 30 Neo with original cover and third-party MagSafe ring, the ZEERA gadget always delivered the energy for charging on the first try. In the case of the Motorola I was not able to benefit from maximum power, as this smartphone supports 5W charging, but the fact of being able to use a product created for Apple on an Android device is already a big victory.

On the iPhone 11 Pro, it should be noted that it was not born with native MagSafe technology and also in this case I had to use a third-party cover with a MagSafe ring. The case is quite thick but it didn't impact charging at all, but probably an iPhone 12 and up, without a cover, could benefit from an even more efficient charging speed than my device.

Compared to other MagSafe chargers, the ZEERA device managed to maintain a constant charging speed, which when coupled with a good power supply manages to reach a performance of 15W.


The cooling of the ZEERA SUVOLT GEN4 is undoubtedly one of the most notable points of the gadget in question, almost a rarity to find, or at least one that is really functional for the purpose. I tested the charging in different weather conditions, as well as usage situations, and the cooling system demonstrated good, or rather excellent, performance. Even charging the iPhone via MagSafe, especially during long journeys or when exposed to the sun, the product kept the smartphone's temperature under control.

The cleverly incorporated cooling managed to significantly reduce the iPhone overheating, one of the biggest problems I encountered when charging via cable. Even under harsh conditions such as high temperatures, the device remained cooler than other conventional options. The presence of an internal fan, combined with the intelligent management of the heat generated by wireless charging, gave me a good experience. This not only protects the device from possible damage caused by overheating, but also maintains charging efficiency. I even did tests with air conditioning that was almost tropically hot, yet the smartphone always felt cool.

MagSafe ZEERA SUVOLT GEN4 car charger with active cooling
39,99/55,99 $ 49,99/69,99 $
ZEERA SUVOLT GEN 4 MAGSAFE CAR CHARGER – Cools your smartphone and charges it like a BOMB!!!
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⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel


The ZEERA SUVOLT GEN4 battery charger has many advantages, such as its cooling capacity and versatility in different mountings, making it adaptable to a variety of vehicles and positioning preferences. The only flaw could be the charging speed which does not reach top values ​​but still remains in line with the vast majority of devices in circulation.

As I have said several times that I was able to use the gadget even with Android devices, perhaps the fact of not owning an iPhone could leave you fearful about purchasing it, but I assure you, especially if you have top-of-the-range devices where you can find many MagSafe cover, that once you have overcome the psychological block you will not be disappointed. But how much is it? Well you can purchase the SUVOLT GEN4 directly from the brand's official website and using the coupon welcome back, you can take the gadget home at a price ranging from a minimum of $40 to a maximum of $56, depending on the configuration chosen.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

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