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ZTE sends invitations to launch the Nubia Z9 ... with some surprise!

Manca poco at the presentation event of Universal Z9 which will be held in Beijing the next 26 March. The staff of received the invitation to the event in question, but there was something else in the packet that came up. Did I curious?


So let's go right now, here's what's been found in the package:

  • Un metal frame commemorative metal that lets you guess the size and materials of the next Nubia top range.

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  • A little tripod.

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  • Three different types of lenses, in particular one telescopic 10x zoom, one for the macro and one for the effect fisheye.

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At this point it is conceivable to think that the strength of the Universal Z9 it will be the photographic department. I remind you that according to rumors emerged so far the next home flagship nubian should mount a camera from 16 megapixel with optical image stabilizer, SOC Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 e 3 GB di RAM. It is also expected that this device will be presented in three different versions, the standard, the "Max" , "Mini". The March 26 is at the door, we just have to wait for confirmation.



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