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26,1 millions of Xiaomi smartphones sold in the first half of the 2014

Lei Jun has just spread through Weibo that her company has been able to sell 26,1 million smartphones in the first semester of 2014. To understand the scope of the data just think that in the same period last year Xiaomi has just sold 7 million units!

The Chinese manufacturer has sold 18,7 million smartphones across the 2013, a figure that has therefore been abundantly exceeded in just half of this 2014. Official statistics were posted on the Xiaomi blog, where the company had to point out that the figure corresponds to an increase in 271% of sales compared to 2013.

As now known, Xiaomi is very popular mainly in China, the country where most of the above mentioned sales originate. However, the company is slowly strengthening and expanding its international presence, especially thanks to the opening up to new markets, such as Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Xiaomi is also expanding to India, Vietnam and Brazil by the end of the year. Where will this company arrive?



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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