3 technological gadgets under the 20 euro: AUKEY Review

It's summer and comes the fateful moment in which to indulge in a bit of relaxation, maybe proposing you a different review than usual, but not for this reason less useful. In fact, the technological landscape offers many products for many solutions to certain problems, with prices and features often too similar, so it becomes very difficult to disentangle in buying an avera and jungle made of coupons and various stores. This time we go on the safe side, because we like to win easy, entrusting us to Amazon Italy and in particular to the Aukey company, which we will review 3 gadget tech from the cost less than 20 euro.

AUKEY Basic Notebook Cooling

Xiaomi with its series of notebooks has shown that we can also do in this area, offering high performance machines that adapt to all the needs of the end user, at very attractive prices. A flaw that has been found, despite the efforts made by the company at the hardware level, is excessive overheating during stress, such as during videoediting sessions, in which the fans seem to go crazy and feed a tornado. Fortunately on the market there are economic solutions to the problem, like the Lo cooling stand proposed by Aukey, the CP-R2 model, which thanks to 4 small fans manages to keep intact the performance of our notebook without sacrificing design.


Completely made of plastic the Aukey cooling pad, is proposed with one texture that recalls the noblest carbon fiber material, while a metal grill covers the 4 fans from 110 mm in diameter, which arrive at a speed of 1220 rpm (revolutions per minute) while maintaining a virtually absent level of noise, in fact I am alone 12 the dB emitted during the activity.


The particularity of the stand proposed by Aukey also lies in the fact that below each individual fan a blue LED is hidden that gives a certain general appeal as well as fits best to be exploited during gaming sessions. On the right profile we find a sort of wheel used to start the cooling mechanism and which allows to regulate the intensity of the air flow, Up to a maximum of 13 CFM for single fan as well as the brightness of the LED. We also find two USB ports, one of which will serve to power the cooling stand itself by connecting it directly to the notebook via the supplied USB dual cable or to a source of 5V / 1A while the other can be used for upload another device, or feed a mouse, keyboard or maybe an RGB LED band to give an even more fashionable touch to your desktop workstation.

We can insert above the metal grid of the laptops up to 15,6 inches and thanks to the adjustable support by metal fin we could choose up to 5 different degrees of inclination, and no fear of overturning thanks to the two fixed places on the front of the stand to which you can also accompany a pair of sponges supplied to make the support more stable. In short, one smart and economical solution ideal for these hot summer days, without having to give up your gaming sessions or video editing of your gameplay.

AUKEY Basic Notebook Cooling
4 5 Fans Adjustable Heights and 2 USB Ports
€ 15,99

AUKEY Smartphone Objectives

You know, summer is perhaps the time of year where more photos are taken in absolute memory. Want to capture the beautiful places of our holidays, or for the various selfies made with the VIPs we meet on the street, but a hint of originality does not hurt and so why not try to create some artistic shots taking advantage of the famous 3 smartphone lenses in 1. On the market there are various qualities and prices and to be honest the economic solutions on the market sometimes offer us bottlenecks and nothing more. Instead of Aukey's smartphone lenses, the PL-A1 model

, will allow us to take home striking shots adapting to a variety of photographic scenarios.

In the package we also find a convenient case where to store lenses when unused, but also a small cloth to clean them and a hook to anchor the custody to a bag or a backpack. The clip where you screw the lenses is made of plastic covered with a soft material on one side, while the parts that come into contact with the display or with the smartphone's camera are made of rubber avoiding to scratch the contact elements.

But let's analyze the lenses, all supplied with a protective cap for the lens and structure made of aluminum alloy. The optical glass is of good quality and sharpness, in fact between the yield of the room of our smartphone and the addition of one of the Aukey lenses, the difference is virtually absent. I also appreciated the total absence of distortions, reflections and / or flares inside the lens.

The first objective that we analyze is that Fish-Eye with 198 ° angle, perhaps one of the most creative that fits selfies, portraits and other situations to which only imagination can put a limit. However, you will have to take into account that every single photo made through this lens will have a circular vignetting.

The second goal is of type Wide-angle, which increases the field of vision of 0,63 ideal for landscape photos or for those situations where you need a field extension, for example to very large groups. In this case we notice a slight, imperceptible deformation on the sides, nothing worrying that can not be solved in post production.

Finally, my favorite is the goal Macro with 15x magnification, which allows us to gather details in an ultra-defined way, making us enter into small universes of which we did not even know existence. Even in this case, fantasy is the only limit to the use of this objective. The only attention to put away is to always put the subject more or less centered as the lens will create a sort of blur effect. The comfort of these lenses is compatibility with every smartphone and tablet, and why not even the webcam integrated into our notebook.

AUKEY Smartphone Objectives
Clip On 3 In 1 Fisheye Lens + Wide Angle Lens + Macro Lens
€ 12,99

AUKEY Bluetooth Keyboard

I do not know about you, but it often happened to me to find myself writing a news from the phone or in the best circumstances with a tablet, and believe me if I say there is something crazy about it. Surely it would have been useful to use an external keyboard but those that integrate a native Bluetooth system (without keys) are generally either too large to carry or so tiny that it is almost useless to have them. And instead the solution always comes from Aukey proposing one very compact Bluetooth keyboard and that responds to the model KM-B8-TYIT-B. Dimensions equal to 285,4 x 120,3 x 20 mm and a weight of 309 grams they are the key numbers of this little keyboard that at the design level, it is very wary of the solutions proposed by Apple.


In fact we find a csilver oloration with white keys and printed in gray. Completely made of plastic the feeling transmitted is however to deal with a premium product, thanks also to the small details that make the difference like the 4 anti-slip rubbers or the small central step to distribute the force released during the beating activity, on the whole body axis. On the back we find the door of the battery compartment, to be exact two of the AAA type, but also the on / off button and the small button to perform the pairing with the device to which to associate the Aukey keyboard.


Small, light and thin, with a simple and essential style, 78 keys of type QWERTY with Italian layout and 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity with range up to 10 meters and extreme portability. The Aukey keyboard is born with the full compatibility with iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac desktop solution, but also systems Windows or tablet and smartphone Android can take advantage of the features offered by the product.


We could control the music and the volume, unlock the screen and adjust the brightness but above all the writing activity is pleasant and not at all tiring, and although the Bluetooth just in version 3.0 I did not find any delay or latency. A ingenious solution and specially indicated for the Italian market, which, if necessary, could be useful to give new life to an old tablet. What to ask for better?

AUKEY 3.0 Bluetooth Keyboard
Keyboard in Italian Compatible with all Android and iOS devices
€ 10,99

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