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The turning point in the fight against pirated web: AGCOM's new moves and new powers

La anti-piracy law, LN 93/2023, marks an era of renewal in the fight against illicit content online in Italy. With a particular emphasis on the empowerment ofAuthority for Guarantees in Communications (AGCOM), this regulations introduces strict measures and cutting-edge technologies to combat the illegal dissemination of content Network. Here is the news regarding the new law

The law against piracy and the strengthening of AGCOM: new crackdown against the pieces

Thanks to expanded powers and innovative strategies, AGCOM positions itself as a bulwark in the protection of intellectual property, aiming to eradicate piracy in critical areas such as live broadcasts and first-run works.

The new law against piracy, which came into force in August, has introduced significant changes in the landscape of intellectual property rights protection in Italy. AGCOM now receives extended powers to intervene directly and quickly against online piracy.

The legislation allows the institution to order Internet service providers (ISPs) and other involved parties the blocking access to sites and content distributed illicitly, going beyond the static block model to adopt a dynamic approach.

Laptop with pirate symbol on the screen.

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This change proves to be particularly effective in the management of live broadcasts and cinema and audiovisual premieres. AGCOM has the power to intervene with immediate precautionary measures, without the need for preliminary cross-examination. For live broadcasts, for example, AGCOM can issue an order that must be executed within 30 minutes, a fundamental speed of action in contexts such as real-time sporting events.

Another strong point of the law is the implementation of a unique technological platform for the automated management of disabling measures. This system, designed for speed up reporting and the action against illicit content allows AGCOM to intervene in an even more effective manner, being able to block access to pirated content even before their actual transmission.

With the strengthening of AGCOM's powers, the simplification of procedures and the adoption of advanced technologies, Italy establishes itself as a leader in the protection of intellectual property rights, effectively combating piracy and safeguarding the country's creative and cultural ecosystem.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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