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Italy in the record-breaking team: the speed of fiber optics exceeds all limits

Innovation in fiber octave has reached a new pinnacle thanks to an international team, including a major one contribution Italian taste. With a transmission speed that breaks all previous records, this technology promises a future of ultra-fast communications. Here's how this team has rewritten the rules of the game in the world of fiber, doubling (and more) network speed.

A historic achievement in fiber optics: the Italian contribution to the world record

The recent feat in optical fiber technology is the result of an international collaboration, where Italian researchers fromUniversity of L'Aquila they played a key role. This team, together with colleagues from NICT in Japan and Eindhoven University of Technology, pushed the limits of fiber optics to new heights, achieving speeds of 22,9 petabits per second.

The previous record of 10,66 petabits per second was not only surpassed, but more than doubled. This success is the result of the use of an innovative fiber optic cable with capacity for multiple channels and the use of advanced techniques such as WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) e SDM (Space Division Multiplexing).

Ethernet cable for fiber optics

This remarkable leap forward in the field of fiber optics is not only a technological victory, but also responds to thegrowing need for transmission speed given by the increase in internet traffic. Experts are aware that, to meet the demands of the future, it is essential to take fiber beyond its current limits. It should be remembered that with the advent of linguistic models of large and very large dimensions, traffic has increased dramatically in the last two years.

The capacity achieved in this study, while impressive, does not represent the upper limit. The researchers suggest that theoretical capacity could reach up to 24,7 petabits. This qualitative leap paves the way for a significant evolution in the field of telecommunications, promising an increasingly connected and faster society.

What is petabit?
The petabit is a unit of measurement of data transmission capacity and is equivalent to one quadrillion (10^15) bits. It is an extremely large amount of data and is often used to describe the transmission capacity of high-speed communications networks or the amount of data stored on large storage devices. For perspective, a petabit is 1.000 times larger than a terabit (10^12 bits) and a million times larger than a gigabit (10^9 bits).

Source | NICT - World Record Optical Fiber Transmission Capacity Doubles to 22.9 Petabits per Second

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