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OnePlus 12 stripped bare: here is the teardown of the new flagship

A few hours after the presentation of the new OnePlus 12, Chinese media wasted no time in putting the device to the test. The first of these includes the complete teardown performed by Weki Home, which revealed the complex internal structures of the new flagship store OnePlus; let's go see it together.

OnePlus 12 stripped bare: here is the teardown of the new flagship

As always, the disassembly process begins with removing the SIM tray and removing the back glass after heating it. Once this is done, we see the motherboard and all the other components behind a plastic cover which also incorporates the wireless charging pad, NFC antenna, LED flash and ambient light sensor.

Next, let's see the photographic section with the 808MP Lytia 50 main sensor of Sony and the module 70MP 64mm equivalent periscope telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and OIS. It is also noted that the motherboard features a special copper foil which helps the heat dissipation process.

Finally, the huge vaporization chamber under the phone's screen is shown.

OnePlus 12

Let's quickly recall the technical specifications of the OnePlus 12, which include a 2K OLED display with curved edges, powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC with up to 24GB of LPDDR5x RAM and 1TB of UFS 4.0 storage. Color options include black, white and green. There battery has a capacity of 5,400mAh and it can be charged at the maximum power of 100W.

La 50MP main camera Sony LYT-808 is accompanied by a Omnivision O64B 64MP periscope camera and one 581MP Sony IMX48 ultra-wide lens. The main camera boasts an aperture of f/1.6 and a focal length of 23mm, while the ultra-wide lens has an aperture of f/2.2 and a focal length of 14mm. The periscope camera, on the other hand, has an aperture of f/2.6 and a focal length of 70mm, allowing for 3x optical zoom.

We can therefore say that the OnePlus 12 is not only a device that stands out for its performance and innovative design, but also for its robustness and reliability, as demonstrated by the recent teardown.

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