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A throwback to 3 years ago and the broken promise: OnePlus Open and non-removable Meta apps

OnePlus is once again in the spotlight for a decision that has raised several controversies: the return of Meta bloatware, formerly known as Facebook, on your devices. This choice, which has had a negative impact on smartphones OnePlus 8 series, has been repeated in the new OnePlus Open, the foldable with the OxygenOS operating system.

Meta apps: invisible but ineradicable

In OnePlus Open, users find themselves at face up to the presence of three system apps that include “Meta App Installer"and "Meta Services“. These apps, while not visible in the app drawer, represent a form of bloatware that allows Meta to bypass the Play Store for certain operations. For example, the installer app can force updates on Meta apps, even if these were initially downloaded from the Play Store.

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OnePlus's broken promise

Customers, who had already expressed their disappointment in the past, saw this act a reversal of the promise made by OnePlus with the 8T model. At the time, the company assured that similar situations would not recur in future devices. However, with the introduction of OnePlus Open, this promise appears to have been broken. Now we have to wait and see if in the next devices like OnePlus 12 the choice will be reiterated or if this decision was made only for the Open leaflet

Despite the criticism, the brand has maintained that these apps would have consumed less battery. However, this explanation does not seem to have allayed the frustration of customers, who expected greater transparency and consistency from the company.

The company's decision to pre-install Meta apps in its new Open model reopens a debate on the balance between business needs and user rights. While the company claims benefits in terms of energy consumption, it remains to be seen whether this choice will impact its customer loyalty and brand image in the technology market.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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