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Tronsmart Bang Max, is 130W enough for you?

Here I am, for the umpteenth time talking to you about a portable BlueTooth speaker Tronsmart. Needless to say, they are my favorites and those who follow me on this channel will have fully realized this since this is the sixth one I've tried... and every time my satisfaction remains the same. Let's see if my expectations have been met with this Tronsamrt Bang Max too.


The box will arrive inside a cardboard box, so as not to damage the original one. From the dimensions you can already understand that the term "portable", with this Bang Max, is a bit at the limit... but we'll talk about this later.

tronsmart bang max

Let's see what you will find in the package:

  • Tronsmart Bang Max
  • 30W power supply
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable
  • Instruction booklet
  • Sound Pulse Card
  • Warrenty Card


Let's start immediately with a fundamental characteristic of this speaker, namely the weight and dimensions: let's talk about 45x20x25cm for well- 6Kg of weight! In my opinion, these data lead us to exclude the Bang Max from that list of truly portable devices, perhaps in a backpack to use in the park, at the lake or in the swimming pool. Then let's be clear, it's a subjective question... but objectively it would become a bit too cumbersome.

As regards the build quality, nothing to say, as always for all Tronsmart devices. Aside from the weight, as soon as you pick it up you immediately have the sensation of a Premium speaker, built with the utmost attention to detail, such as the grip designed to never let it slip from your hands. The front and rear grille is made of aluminum alloy, while everything else is made of excellently made polycarbonate. The support base is also carefully designed and will give perfect stability to our speaker. The protection of the entrances via rubberized covering is also very good. We are in fact talking about a degree of waterproofing IPX6


GeneralBrand: Tronsmart
Type: BT speaker
Model: Bang Max
Color: Black
SpecificationsBluetooth version: 5.3
Audio codec: SBC
Frequency range: 50Hz-20KHz
Bluetooth Compatibility: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
Transmission distance: 18m
Frequency range: 55Hz-20KHz
Playback time: LED off: up to 24 hours (at 50% volume); Karaoke: up to 10 hours (at 60% volume). Varies based on bright display, volume level and audio content
Battery capacity: 18000 mAh (11.1 V/6000 mAh)
Power Input: DC 15V-2A
Output power: 130W
IP classification: IPX6
Charging time: 5 hours
Maximum transmit power: 5dBm
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 5.87kg
Package Weight: 7.358kg
Package size (L x W x H): 45 x 25 x 20cm
Package Contents1 x Tronsmart Bang Max Portable Party Speaker 
1 x 1mm audio cable
1 Warranty card
1 x Utente Manual
1 SoundPulse® card
1 x 30W power supply


The inputs of our Bang Mini are, as usual Tronsmart, complete. Indeed, we find the connection Bluetooth 5.3 TWS (true wireless stereo), classical USB Type-A (for our USB sticks), entrance AUX audio jack from 3.5 mmTF/SD card and USB Type C for charging. In this particular model we find two additional inputs, one for the microphone and the other for the guitar. These two inputs are accessible via cable Jack 6.35mm (be careful, it is not the same classic 3.5mm that we are used to when using headphones for smartphones) and they will allow you to add voice and guitar with separate volumes. In fact you will find 2 small knobs that will allow you to increase and decrease the volume of these inputs. Therefore it can also be used as Karaoke! If you want to use 2 microphones it will be possible to do so as the guitar input can also be used with a microphone. Not having this musical instrument I was only able to test it with a mic and I can tell you that it works very well.

tronsmart bang max

We will therefore have no problem using it with all our audio sources, from Spotify to the audio of our Notebook/Smartphone, from our USB pendrive to our mobile phone even with output 3.5mm jack. The connection BT 5.3 it will allow us to have crystal clear sound and a good coverage distance 18m!


The system is made up of 6 active speakers, 2 woofers + 2 midranges + tweeters which will allow us to have a perfectly separate and powerful sound. We also find 2 passive radiators, on the sides, which host 2 circular LEDs which will complete the party effect through beautiful plays of color (3 preset). The frequencies covered range from 50Hz ai 20KHz, so the descent to the lows is also good and you can actually hear them. Perfect for playing both melodic songs and more "tamarous" disco songs!


On the upper front part of the case we find all the buttons that will allow us to control our speaker. Some also perform a double function, here is the list with the relevant functions from the left:

tronsmart bang max
  • 4 White LEDs vertical: indicate the battery charge
  • On/off key: hold it down for 2 seconds to turn on and off, press it once (when on) to turn on-change-off the side LED light modes
  • BlueTooth LEDs: flashes quickly when in search mode, remains solid when paired with a device. Press it once to disconnect from the connected BT device, hold it down for 8 seconds to reset the speaker
  • Minus key: Press it once to turn down the volume, press it for 2 seconds to go to the previous song
  • Play button: press it once to play/pause, press it twice to switch to the various inputs, BT (default mode)-USB-TF Card-Aux 2mm
  • Plus key: press it once to turn up the volume, press it for 2 seconds to skip to the next song
  • Stereo Paring button: Press it once to enter TWS pairing mode
  • Sound Pulse button: Press once to enable/disable soundpulse EQ mode
  • Tune Connect button: Press it once to enter Tune Conn broadcast mode, press it for 2 seconds to exit this mode


If you want to use it for a party, given the incredible power available, we will also have the possibility to select a series of lighting effects that will be performed to the rhythm of the music played. Naturally, even if LED, they will affect battery consumption and therefore the autonomy of the speaker. Surely if the sound is disco and the evening with friends will have its own reason to keep them turned on! To switch from one to the other, simply click on the power button on the speaker or enter the appropriate application menu. Also from this latter it will be possible to adjust or turn them off.


  • Stereo Paring: it is the TWS mode that allows you to connect 2 tronsmart bang max and make them play in stereo mode (one will play the right channel and the other the left). To access this function you must have the 2 speakers disconnected from other devices, press the "stereo paring" button on the host speaker (one of the 2) and the other will connect automatically. At this point, raising the volume of one will also raise the volume of the other, turning off one will also turn off the other and in the BT list you will see only one “tronsmart bang max” speaker.
  • Sound Pulse: The overall audio quality is always guaranteed by SoundPulse Technology, a Tronsmart proprietary technology that intervenes in the encoding and reproduction of sound. If you want to learn more, I'll post the direct link where it is explained in detail: Tronsmart SoundPulse Technology. To enable this mode, press the dedicated button once.
  • Tune Conn: is the broadcast mode that allows you to connect up to 100 tronsmart speakers together. To enable this mode, connect your speaker to the audio source and then press the appropriate button. At this point turn on and press the same button, tune conn, on the other speakers to be paired. Press the button for 2 seconds to exit this mode.


As if all these features listed above weren't enough, our Trsonamrt Bang Max can be driven via the Tronsmart application (available for both Android and IoS). The procedure to connect it is very simple: enter the store of your smartphone and search for the "Tronsmart" application, install it and register. Enter the application, after enabling BT and location (at least the first time), and click on Tronsmart Bang. The search animation will open and poco then you will find yourself in your speaker's home page. You will have to do this step every time you access the app.

From the main screen you can see the battery status, adjust the volume, play/pause and skip the track you are listening to. Using the small icon at the top right you can instead check the firmware version with any update, programmed shutdown, user manual and disconnection from the BT source.

Again from the main screen, at the bottom you will find three icons. The first indicates the screen you are in, i.e. the main one, while with the second you can enter the equalizer menu where you will find 5 preset curves (just click on them to select them) and the 5-band flat curve that can be modified manually (called customize) to obtain the best sound for your taste.

The third icon, last on the right, is an additional set of settings. From here you can:

  • Select the audio input
  • Activate TWS stereo mode
  • Activate Tune Conn mode
  • Turn the side LEDs on and off and select the light game
  • A voice for a voice prompt when you turn off the device, but I didn't see the point of it
  • Equalize the sound of the guitar if connected
  • Turn off the speaker


Needless to say, it sounds good, very good indeed. The volume is really exaggerated, almost annoying if used at maximum power at home. It is clearly a product designed for use in large spaces, parties, swimming pools, parks where the volume is fundamental for the obvious dispersion of the same in open places. However, no one is stopping us from using it at home, perhaps at lower volumes to prevent the neighbors from calling the police 🙂 The frequency of the sounds is well separated between the 3 ways of our speaker, the medium high sounds are clear and the low frequencies are powerful. I always pay particular attention to the bass (as a DJ that I am) and here they are certainly beautiful and powerful. The 50Hz is a guarantee of safety for listening to your dance songs but it does not reach the incredible level of the T6 Element Max which remains to date, the best Tronsmart speaker, even reaching 20Hz.


As always, to understand if it makes sense to buy the product we must evaluate it based on the price, since as a speaker it is absolutely passed with flying colors. The list price is around 230€ but thanks to our coupon you can take it home with 30% discount!! If you order today you can also get a free speaker Tronsamart Trip from 10W! Also on offer on the official website and Amazon

In addition to the price, I would focus on the size and weight which are really important. So think about this aspect too: if your focus is having a speaker to keep in your backpack then go for another product (in this case I recommend the bang mini) but if portability is a secondary aspect for you then my advice is to go straight to this fantastic one Tronsmart Bang MAX



Speaker Tronsmart Bang Max 130W (5.2W Tronsmart Trip Bluetooth 10 Speaker FREE🎁)

149€ 230€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
8.9 Total score

A truly impressive speaker!

Constructive quality
Audio quality
Application Functions
Special functions
Audio Inputs
Sound customization
  • Impeccable construction
  • Very excellent audio quality
  • Immersive bass
  • Fully controllable from the application
  • True Wireless Stereo
  • Infinite autonomy
  • Waterproof IPX6
  • All the most used audio inputs are present
  • Manual equalization
  • Light effects
  • Microphone and Guitar inputs with separate volumes
  • Excessive weight therefore poco portable
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