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The first Xiaomi microwave oven has arrived in Italy: where to buy it


The technological house Xiaomi makes a big leap beyond national borders, introducing its innovative and on the global market first microwave oven High capacity and feature rich. This device does not limit itself to heating food, but guarantees innovations regarding the preparation of meals, making it possible versatile and creative cuisine directly from the comfort of your home. We had the arrival of the Xiaomi microwave oven has been announced some time ago.

Xiaomi launches its multifunction microwave for the global market

Xiaomi Microwave Oven represents an important innovation in the panorama of kitchen appliances. This model, until now only available in China, is launched on the global market, marking a significant step for Xiaomi in conquering domestic spaces internationally. With a capacity of 20 liters, offers ample space to satisfy the needs of those who love preparing elaborate dishes with simplicity and without using the oven.

xiaomi microwave oven

One of the most interesting features of the microwave oven from Xiaomi, called Microwave Owen, is his system of 360º heating. This technology allows you to cook food evenly, eliminating the cold spots typical of many traditional microwaves. The versatility is further enhanced by the presence of five power levels, which allow you to adapt the device to a wide range of culinary needs, from boiling to steaming, from roasts to preparazione di soups.

The function of Fresh Lock defrosting It's another strong point. This feature allows you to defrost food quickly, preserving its freshness and flavour, as if it had just been purchased. With a power of 700W, the Xiaomi microwave oven ensures rapid and efficient heating, ideal for those who have poco time available but doesn't want to give up the quality of their meals.

Price and availability

The oven has been inserted poco ago on the official Xiaomi website but there is no trace of official launch dates in Italy as well as i selling prices. In the next few weeks the brand will surely announce something about it. We will certainly know something more between March and April


You can already buy the microwave on the Official site at a price of €69,99.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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