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ROIDMI EVE Max Floor Cleaning Robot with emptying station at €340 fast shipping included

Il Roids Eve Max is a floor cleaning robot that represents one of the latest innovations in the field of intelligent home cleaning. This device, designed to simplify daily cleaning routines, combines advanced vacuuming and mopping capabilities to deliver an effortless, premium cleaning experience. Here is a detailed overview of its main features: vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner with 5000Pa intelligent dust collection High suction power Support Google Alexa Assistant and Mi Home APP Control



Design and Construction

The Roidmi Eve Max sports a modern and elegant design, which integrates perfectly into any home environment. Its compact structure allows it to easily navigate under furniture and in hard-to-reach corners, ensuring thorough cleaning of all surfaces.

Intelligent Navigation Technology

Equipped with sophisticated mapping and navigation technology, the Roidmi Eve Max is able to trace an efficient route inside the house, avoiding obstacles and ensuring complete coverage of all areas. Thanks to its advanced sensors, the robot can detect gaps and stairs, preventing accidental falls.

Suction and washing performance

With powerful suction and an innovative washing system, the Roidmi Eve Max effectively eliminates dirt, dust and stains from floors. Its washing function uses a water control mechanism to evenly distribute the liquid, ensuring deep cleaning without leaving residue.

Autonomy and Charging

The robot is equipped with a high-capacity battery that allows it to operate for long cleaning sessions without the need for frequent charging. When the battery nears the end, the Roidmi Eve Max automatically returns to its charging base, and then resumes work where it left off once recharged.

Intelligent Control and Customization

With compatibility with mobile apps and voice assistants, users can easily control the Roidmi Eve Max, set cleaning schedules, monitor progress and customize settings to suit their needs. The ability to set virtual walls and exclusion areas through the app further increases its versatility.

Simple Maintenance

The Roidmi Eve Max is designed for easy maintenance. The water tank and dust container are easily accessible and simple to empty and clean, reducing routine maintenance.


Il Roidmi Eva Max stands out as an advanced option for those looking for a high-quality, automatic home cleaning solution. The combination of powerful suction and washing performance, together with intelligent navigation and customization options, make it a precious ally for keeping home environments clean with minimal effort.


Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Max Floor Cleaning Robot

340€ 599€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)
GeneralBrand: ROIDMI
Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model: EVE MAX
White color
Small PartsCleaning type: Vacuum cleaner + broom + dust collection
Side Brush Quantity: Single Side
Water tank capacity: 0,25 L
Dust container capacity: 0,17 L
Maximum suction power: 5000 Pa
Cloth lifting: support
Carpet Identification: Supported
Cleaning mode: Flat plate vibrating back and forth left and right
Battery capacity: 5200 mAh
Cleaning path: Ting-shaped cleaning/Arc-shaped cleaning
Maximum battery life: 250 minutes
Voice interaction function: Google Voice Assistant, Amazon Alex
Obstacle avoidance height: Sweep: ≤20mm, Clean: ≤18mm
Obstacle avoidance type: collision + multi-point infrared obstacle avoidance
Planning Technology: LDS Laser Planning
Product life: 1000 hours
Noise: 67 dB (A) – 78 dB (A)
APP control: virtual wall/water volume control/multi-layer map memory (3 layers)
Active antibacterial oxygen and odor removal:
Support screen: LED
Dust collection capacity: 3L
Weight and sizeRobot weight: 4 kg
Base station weight: 4,3kg
Package weight: 11,4 kg
Robot dimensions (L x W x H): 355 x 355 x H 98 mm
Base station dimensions (L x W x H): 358 x 300 x 174 mm
Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): 398 x 354 x 432 mm
Package Contents1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x automatic emptying station
5 x dust bag
2 x Dust Box Filter
2 x mop
1 x cleaning brush
1 x power cable
1 x user manual
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