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Alcatel OneTouch: Let's find out this smartwatch together!

A lot of SmartWatch were unveiled this year. Many smartphone manufacturing companies have released wearing that are not powered by A, such as Alcatel for example. This company headquartered in France has unveiled the 'Alcatel OneTouch in January during the CES di Las Vegas. This watch does not work with the operating system A, but is compatible with both systems Android and iOS, and features a rather elegant design.

Alcatel OneTouch

Alcatel OneTouch


Well, the company has just released this SmartWatch in India. The smarwatch has a display with resolution 240 × 240, wide 1.22 inches with the lining oleophobic on the top. The watch is powered by chipset STM429, is equipped with a battery from 210mAh included inside. This SmartWatch is resistant to dust and water thanks to the certification IP67. Also, it connects to Android (4.3 +) e iOS7 +, through Bluetooth 4.0 + integrated into this smartwatch. Alcatel OneTouch ships Watch with accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, electronic compass and heart rate sensors. The watch is 10,5 millimeter thick, measuring 41,8 mm diameter, and its strap is thick 3.5mm, while it is 20 millimeters in width.

"The Alcatel One Touch It is designed to improve the quality of life with the intelligent use of technology. The watch fits perfectly with today's youth who are constantly keeping up with the technology, "he said Praveen Valecha, regional director of Alcatel OneTouch.

Then a gallery of the product in question:


Alcatel OneTouch Alcatel OneTouch Alcatel OneTouch Alcatel OneTouch Alcatel OneTouch



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