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Other 40000 Xiaomi Redmi 1S arriving on the Indian market!

The Xiaomi Redmi 1S made its debut on the Indian market with a batch of over 40.000 units. It was expected that for this round the timing for exhaustion would be higher than the resounding 5 seconds of the Mi3, and instead the Flipkart servers crashed in an even shorter amount of time.

To make a quick comparison, the Redmi 1S landed in Indonesia last September 4th (obviously going out-of-stock after a very short time) but with a stock equal to about 1/8 of that available for the Indian market.

Choosing to bring other 40 thousand units to India is a clear signal of the importance that this country is increasingly taking for the Pechino company. Buyers, on the other hand, hope that at least this time the hard sell will be more than the 4.2 seconds of last September 2.

The high demand has obviously tempted the dealers, who, logically, will try to grab as many units as possible to resell them later on commercial channels such as Ebay, in order to obtain margins that otherwise would not be able to forfeit.


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