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Amazfit tests blood pressure on smartwatches: here is the video

Something new is about to arrive directly from the wrists of users Amazfit Balance: it is an instrument for measuring the pressure of the blood, which appears to be in testing in some countries. Despite the absence of medical certifications, this functionality marks a step forward in health monitoring directly from your smartwatch, challenging giants such as Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Amazfit tests blood pressure measurement on Amazfit Balance smartwatch

Amazfit is introducing a blood pressure measurement feature on the Balance model. Although the news leaked mainly thanks to user demonstration videos on YouTube and discussions in online forums, the tech giant moves discreetly in this cutting-edge experimentation.

The measurement process requires the user to position the arm stably and tighten the watch strap properly, which are crucial to ensuring the accuracy of the results. This system, not yet medically certified, it is very close to that adopted by competing devices, such as Samsung's Galaxy Watch, requiring a calibration initial with a traditional blood pressure monitor and suggesting periodic sensor recalibrations.

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The results offered include the systolic and diastolic pressure, in addition to heart rate, with the possibility of consulting a diary of previous measurements directly from the dedicated application on the device. The testing phase currently involves users in China, Malaysia e Brazil, fueling curiosity as to when this feature will be made available globally to all owners of the Amazfit Balance.

It goes without saying that the functionality will only be available at a later time for Italian and European users. In fact, the feature seems only in the internal testing phase (more or less) for the moment. It is worth remembering that these tools integrated into smartwatches are never a complete substitute for professional medical assessments and advice.

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