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Zepp OS 3.5 has a release date: here's the news for these Amazfit smartwatches

Amazfit is ready to welcome something new with the launch of ZeppOS 3.5. This update will improve the user experience for millions of users and will also introduce an absolute novelty in the field of interaction: the use of artificial intelligence to understand and respond to natural language. Thanks to Zepp Flow, the new generation voice assistant, communicating with your device has never been so simple and intuitive.

Zepp OS 3.5: news, release date and Amazfit smartwatch list

The biggest news is the introduction of Zepp Flow on Zepp OS 3.5, a assistant Voice which interprets human language in a natural way, facilitating fluid and direct communication with the smartwatch. This innovation radically transforms the interaction with the device, making it more like one conversazione with un human rather than with a car.

The assistant will be available in various daily situations: from simply setting a reminder, quickly responding to a notification, checking the weather forecast, monitoring your health, up to managing chats and routine customized via voice commands. This means less time spent navigating menus and more ability to use the smartwatch in a more natural and immediate way.

zepp os 3.5

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Wayne Huang, CEO of Zepp Health, underlined how Zepp Flow is not limited to smartwatches but is an integral part of a broader ecosystem, which also includes the Zepp application for smartphones, thus ensuring a cohesive and integrated user experience across multiple devices. This vision of an artificial intelligence that accompanies the user not only through the smartwatch but also through other devices such as earphones e smartphone, opens up future scenarios of great interest in the field of wearable technology.

Here is a list of Amazfit smartwatches that will receive the update to Zepp OS 3.5 and their release dates:

  • Amazfit Cheetah: between May 28th and June 11th
  • Amazfit Falcon: between May 28th and June 11th
  • Amazfit T-Rex Ultra: between May 28th and June 11th
  • Amazfit Active: June 20th
  • Amazfit Balance: May 1st
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