Amazfit Verge - Review - 3 reasons to choose it

The panorama of the w (smartwatch in primis) is always richer and more appreciated. Many smartbands, many smartwatches and sportwatches available. Which one to choose?
I tell you 3 reasons to choose the Amazfit Verge.

I will tell you about my experience and, analyzing all the features of the smartwatch, we will identify the 3 features that make this Amazfit Verge a unique smartwatch.

Thank you first of all GearBest for sending me this smartwatch. I enjoyed it for some time before reviewing it. 🙂

Gearbest purchase link: https://xiaomi.today/2EvoM6p

Let's begin.


Let's talk about the design of this smartwatch.

I materials not I'm exactly premium.
Coming from Peace, I would have liked something more elegant but this watch is dedicated more to sport than at the Gala dinners.
Too bad, because while appreciating thesports soul of the watch, I often find myself wearing a jacket and tie and a touch of extra class would not have hurt.

La shell è completely in polycarbonate and the coloring (of the version in our possession) is that of Dark Gray.

However, the red of the notches on the dial and the action button stands out on the "total gray" of the device. Here too ... a lot of sport and little style ...

Il strap è Rubber. It is less soft than that of the Amazfit Peace but is still elastic enough to guarantee the maximum comfort in sports activities.

Worn, this smartwatch, it's really comfortable!


The Amazfit Verge has a display from 1.3 inches and 43mm in diameter. IS' often 12.6 mm. They are not few but, after a few days of use, we will no longer be interested.

Handling is given above all by the weight which is of only 46g, really very light!


The first thing that catches your eye using this smartwatch is the display. Especially for those who, like me, come from the "inc display" of the Amazfit Pace. The jump to SuperAMOLED was nothing short of fantastic.

La brightness of this display is very high and this guarantees a excellent visibility even in direct sunlight.

The touch is precise even with sweaty fingers or with the display slightly wet from rain or sweat.

It is here that we identified the first reason why we should choose this Amazfit VERGE instead of other devices:

1. The AMOLED display is nothing short of fantastic both as colors and brightness.


The move to an amoled display, on the one hand it excited me, on the other it worried me a lot.

I am in love with Peace because of the infinite battery life. I hate the idea of ​​having to recharge the smartwatch one day and the other as well, for example losing a feature in my opinion very interesting, that of monitoring sleep.

But also in this field theAmazfit Verge amazed me!

The capacity of the battery è of 390mah. By itself this number says little. For this reason the house (next to the amperage) declares one duration of approximately 5-6 days.

Well, I managed to get to 8 days of use.

NB: Some users have informed me that, with the new 3.2.2 update of the OS, the battery life has dropped significantly. But I think it's an easily fixable flaw with the next Software update.

For a smartwatch, which among other things recharges in just over an hour, 7 full days of use they are definitely so many and this, more than any other aspect, has made me and this watch inseparable.

The second and most important reason to choose the Amazfit VERGE unveiled:

2. The battery is phenomenal. I don't think there are Smartwatches with AMOLED displays that last as long as this Verge.



Let's come to the features. What can you ever do with a smartwatch?

The main features (at least for me) are:

  • Time and alarm (eh ... we're always talking about a watch anyway)
  • Call Notifications, messages and notifications APP
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Daily activity monitoring with counting steps, sedentariness notice e constant heartbeat control

These are the things I personally ALWAYS use, every day!

However, there are "Extra" features that are not used so frequently but that can make sense of a sports-oriented smartphone.

The possibility of tracking your own sporting activity, whether it is five-a-side football, running, gym, etc. thanks also to the GPS presence which allows not only to calculate the actual KM routes but also to visualize inside the App the actual route traveled or the areas of the soccer field where we have insisted the most.

In this regard my personal experience was not very positive. But not for a defect in the smartwatch, but for the absolute unawareness of how much this data would have highlighted.

See that, after a game of soccer of 1 and a half hours, dead tired, with the tongue on the ground, the device marks that I have run only 2km and something has launched me in an incredible despair. I think I have to put myself in a little line if I don't end up badly.

Another feature that I really appreciated is the possibility of answer the phone directly with the smartwatch.
Yes, we have the opportunity to speak with our interlocutor through speakers and microphone built into the smartwatch.
The volume is not the best as the audio is not very clean. But to respond to the flight to a call or the inability to easily reach your smartphone this feature is very convenient.

This is the third reason: The Amazfit Verge has no built-in SIM, it still needs the BlueTooth connection with the phone. But

3. answering the phone with the smartwatch while working is very comfortable

and ... why not ... spectacular!


The Amgefit Verge is 68 IP certificate, this means that it is resistant to water and dust.
It is not a diver but resists without problems up to a meter deep for more than 30 minutes.

So no problem for a shower or a nice bath in the tub. I tried it even in the pool without problems but I can't recommend it since we venture beyond the limits set by the house and I don't want to take responsibility. 🙂

At the seaside, on the other hand, I feel strongly advised against it, not so much for the certification itself as for the awareness of the fact that the salt can do more damage than humidity and water ... tried on the skin of my AmazFit Pace.


Personally I attach great importance to design, I often dress elegantly and I would have liked a slightly more stylish smartwatch but:

  1. the display
  2. the battery of this amazfit Verge
  3. its "extra" features

they have bewitched me.

I've been wearing it for several weeks now and I'm really struggling with it.

Brava Huami, good Xiaomiall good with this Amazfit Verge they hit the mark.

If you want to see the video of the review, I'll leave it here at the bottom. Remember to put a like and subscribe to the channel! I recommend !!!

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7.9 Total score

The Amazfit Verge is a smartwatch that surprised me. Sports soul and incredible drums!

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Michele Giordan
Michele Giordan
1 year ago

Question: I often read opinions and reviews about this smartwatch, but it's the first time I've heard of monitoring activity in the gym. Could you explain what data they can record? Thanks in advance

1 year ago

I also came to 8 days of autonomy, but deactivating the AOD.

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