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Amazon's Map View marks a new era for smart home control. That's what it is

Amazon introduces Map View, a revolutionary innovation in the management of smart homes. Available in public preview starting November 14 (not in Italy), this feature in the Alexa app allows users to create a digital map of your living space and place Alexa-connected devices in each room. Here are all the details.

A significant step forward in smart home management

The new interface, initially announced at Amazon's fall hardware event in September, offers a visual solution for managing and controlling smart home devices. With Amazon View Map you will no longer have to scroll through a long list of anonymous devices like “First motion sensor" or "Fourth light“. This user interface it makes everything more intuitive, allowing you to easily check the status of each device, including compatible lights, thermostats and cameras, directly from the map.

amazon map view

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How Map View works

To use Amazon Map View, iOS device required compatible equipped with lidar (such as iPhone Pro and Max, iPhone 12 and later models or fourth generation iPad Pro onwards). Once you've set up the map, you can access it from any iOS device, adding or removing devices as you wish. The setup process is designed to be quick and simple, taking approx one minute per room and one minute for every 10 devices.

Despite some difficulties met da The Verge in configuring rooms, especially in open spaces or with few distinctive doors, the Scanning process is simple and intuitive. Users can choose which rooms and devices to include, offering a high level of customization.

Security and privacy

A key aspect of Amazon Map View is security. Amazon ensures that your home map is encrypted and stored securely on its cloud servers. Live images of the home, captured during map creation, are processed locally on the device and are not stored.

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