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Online shopping changes: now it is done via social media. On Facebook and Instagram you buy from Amazon

The main players in the social field are preparing a revolution in the world of online shopping. Meta e Amazon are joining forces to bring the shopping experience directly to the most used social apps, i.e Facebook e Instagram. According to some Amazon official news, it seems that online shopping will change radically and will pass through social networks in the future. Here are the details.

Amazon and Meta for innovation in digital shopping

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, never stops evolving. Recently, it has announced a collaboration with Amazon, the e-commerce giant. This partnership aims to integrate shopping functions directly into the Facebook and Instagram apps. The target? Making the shopping experience even more fluid and engaging for users.

This innovation means that soon you will be able to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts with your Amazon account. The great thing is that you'll be able to shop directly from social apps, using the payment and shipping information already saved to your Amazon account. Imagine being able to purchase products displayed in Facebook or Instagram ads, sold by Amazon or independent sellers, without ever leaving your favorite social app.

Amazon logo on building

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Callie Jernigan, spokesperson for Amazon, expressed enthusiasm for this innovation, underlining the convenience for users of being able to purchase Amazon products without having to abandon social apps. Once launched, this feature it will only require a simple setup to connect your Meta and Amazon accounts. Subsequently, you can make purchases quickly, using the shipping and payment information already present on Amazon.

Benefits for online shopping on Facebook and Instagram

But that is not all. This partnership offers significant benefits for both Meta and Amazon. Meta will be able to leverage Amazon data for more accurate targeting and advertising personalization, including the ability to differentiate messages for Prime members. On the other side, Amazon will have the opportunity to increase transactions through these popular social platforms, taking advantage of a vast network of potential customers.

Maurice Rahmey, co-CEO of Disruptive Digital, highlighted how this alliance can generate more ad signals and attributable conversions for Meta, and more transactions for Amazon. Additionally, the collaboration could offer a solution to issues surrounding Apple's app tracking transparency policy, something Meta has opposed in the past.

For Amazon, this move represents a attempt to further integrate into the world of social media, after having explored creating social apps similar to Instagram and TikTok without much success. For Meta, however, it is an opportunity to expand its e-commerce offerings, increasing user engagement and offering new shopping methods.

With | CNBC – Meta lets Amazon shoppers buy products on Facebook and Instagram without leaving the apps

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