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Roidmi Eve CC – Review and test of the small, powerful robot and BEST BUY price

While other brands wage war with increasingly capable, large and expensive robots - Roidmi (Xiaomi ecosystem) - has decided to get out of this fray by proposing the Roids Eve CC which is a more "classic" robot, robust, reliable and effective much more affordable price.

Roidmi Eve CC Technical Data Sheet

Type of CleaningSuction and Washing + Dust Collection
Li-ion battery capacity3200mAh
Power Robot Vacuum Cleaner40w
Power Dust Collection Station700w
Robot Water Tank Capacity0,29L
Robot Dust Collection Tank Capacity0,26L
Main Unit Noise LevelSilent: 61dB(A); Standard: 63,7dB(A); Mid-range: 67,6dB(A); Powerful: 76dB(A)
Autonomy180 min (Silent Mode)
Charging timeApproximately 190 min (charging with power less than 10%)
Dust Collection TimeAbout 12 seconds
Washing ModeFlat cloth
Obstacle heightIntake: 17mm; Wash: 17mm
Distance along the Wall
Climb abilitySupports slope up to 15 degrees
Navigation ModeLaser Navigation + Infrared Obstacle Avoidance
Cleaning Area150 m²
HEPA Filter for Dust CollectionSupported
Dust Suction Power4000 Pa, 4 levels optional (strong, medium, standard, silent)
Volume of Water for WashingSelection between 1st, 2nd and 3rd level
Robot weight2,8 kg
Weight of the Dust Collection Station2,6 kg
Main Unit Dimensions (W x D x H)32,5 x 32,5 x 9,7 cm
Dimensions of the Dust Collection Station (L x W x H)27,5 x 19,9 x 29,3 cm
Basic dust collection size2,5 L

Design of the Roidmi Eve CC

Roidmi Eve CC accessories in package

The package, as often in Roidmi products, is very generous:

  • Robot with cloth and side brush already installed
  • Charging base with bag already installed
  • 1 spare mops
  • 1 spare side brush
  • 3 spare dust bags
  • 1 spare HEPA filter
  • 1 x maintenance comb

Roidmi Eve CC has the classic shape, round, with very small dimensions (32,5 x 32,5 x 9,7 cm) and a featherweight of 2,8 kg. In the top we find two buttons for control (power on, return to base) and the turret which houses the LiDAR sensor for navigation.

Roidmi Eve CC top view

You enter the room dust collection (260 ml) ed water tank (290 ml), removing the compartment located in the rear part to which the wash cloth the floor at the same time (27,5 cm). We will only access this compartment to top up the water and clean the HEPA filter since the robot empties itself. Furthermore, the self-emptying procedure delays cleaning of the filter.

At the front we find the anti-collision bumper and the infrared sensors for detecting obstacles.

Roidmi Eve CC bottom view

In bottom we also find the anti-fall sensor, the rotating side brush and a hybrid roller (eraser + brush) 15 cm. The wheels are tilting and allow you to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm. Unfortunately, the sensor for detecting carpets and consequently the functions that use it are missing.

Charging Base, Self-Emptying and Recharging

The charging base, which recharges the robot completely in about 3 hours, it's fantastically small because it measures only 27,5 x 19,9 x 29,3 cm and has no protrusions at the base. In fact, the dust extraction slot is located at the back of the robot instead of at the bottom as in some brands.

There are no control buttons but only a multicolored LED light that signals the various operating states.

The function of self-emptying it is very efficient and transfers dirt from the robot to the base bag in 12 seconds. The 2.5L bag, in average use, relieves you of the unpleasant task of empty the dust for about 2 months. The bag replacement operation is simple and clean thanks to the guillotine which seals the bag during extraction.

Powerful and effective suction

Roids Eve CC

The robot has a suction pressure of 4000 Pa which is a good value even compared to high-end products.

On "hard" floors it performs very well, managing to suck up all the dirt it encounters, not only dust, but also crumbs and medium-sized food residues. This is also thanks to the roller and the rotating brush that work in sync providing excellent performance.

Sui carpets a little more power would have been nice. I have two dogs and two cats, for me the carpets are the real critical point and obstacle to face for every robot I try. On short-pile carpets the Roidmi performed very well but on long-pile carpets it left out a few hairs that remained stuck to the bristles.

But above all we suffer lack of carpet recognition sensor which increases the power to the maximum as happens on many robots, even Roidmi itself.

Vacuum and wash the floors at the same time

The Roidmi Eve CC is equipped with the floor washing function which takes place via a 27,5 cm cloth which is dragged during suction.

As you well know, this washing mode does not offer great performance on uneven floors, but on smooth floors it offers good help, especially if used daily. In any case, it “refreshes” the floor.

The very large tank is equipped with a solenoid valve that allows us to choose between three levels of water even customizing every single room.

Flawless Laser Navigation

Roidmi EVE CC Lidar Laser

The Roidmi Eva uses the now widespread Lidar laser technology which allows you to instantly recognize the walls and furniture of the house with great precision. The creation of the map is therefore fast and accurate to the centimetre.

The same sensor is used to navigate and orient oneself inside the house in an always accurate way also thanks to the Roidmi algorithm which always proposes optimized routes.

For obstacle recognition a combination of two sensors is used: Laser + Infrared. The result is quite accurate with medium-sized objects such as shoes and toys but struggles to recognize small and low objects such as socks and cables. Overall it performs well in most situations where it can avoid ordinary obstacles.


Roidmi Eve CC uses a good 3.200 mAh battery which allows it to manage the considerable power and the washing function without worrying about autonomy. The manufacturer declares a maximum autonomy of 180 minutes or 150mXNUMX but these are values ​​calculated under optimal conditions.

In my suction tests (standard power) the robot covered a surface of 80m75 in XNUMX minutes returning to the base with the 36% battery remaining, therefore very close to the declared values.

Roidmi application

Like any self-respecting robot, the Roidmi Eve CC is also accompanied by an application, available for both Android is Apple , for the management and programming of the functions. It is also available as a plugin for the app Xiaomi Home.

The app is completely similar to that of the Dreamer e Roborock in fact together with them it is among the best available on the market.

The map is already generated at the first start in which the rooms will also be detected, which however can be modified (joined or separated) as needed. It is also possible to create multiple maps in case you have a multi-story house.

The functions are many and well organized. We can start the room cleaning, zones or a single area. We can decide the sequence of the rooms in advance or let the robot optimize the route.

We can create prohibition zones and walls for the robot or areas it should not enter when the mops are fitted.

We can schedule daily cleaning choosing a time when we are usually away from home, also choosing specific rooms and cleaning methods.

Roidmi Eve CC – Conclusions and Offer

Roidmi Eve CC is a balanced robot that certainly doesn't excel in anything in particular but It does its job very well. The main functions are all there, the self-emptying base is a "holy hand" and it is a good product for those who do not have particular needs or a very high budget.

The impressive thing about this product is the price. Roidmi Eve CC cums sold by GeekMall for €238 (using the discount code XMTDEVECC) which is the price with which it is possible to purchase only a "normal" robot without self-emptying and certainly not with the Roidmi quality. This makes it a real best-buy!

EVE CC Roids
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€238 €399
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7.9 Total score
Roids Eve CC

An honest robot vacuum cleaner that lacks nothing and of excellent quality. The price completely destroys the competition!

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