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Oppo presents AI Center and confirms its vision: here's what awaits us on Reno 11

The smartphone is not just a tool for surfing the internet or taking photos, but a real personal assistant that anticipates every need. This is the future that Oppo is building with its brand new AI Centerr. Soon, with the arrival of the Reno 11 series, we will see devices that understand us better and that anticipate our intentions. Obviously, everything is possible thanks to artificial intelligence language models.

Oppo presents AI Center: AI at your fingertips

Oppo has just given us a preview of the future, announcing the opening of the Oppo AI Center. It is more than just a research laboratory; it's the place where artificial intelligence transforms into tangible realities to improve every aspect of ours interaction with smartphones. This center is the beating heart where innovative ideas are born that promise to make our devices smarter, more personal and incredibly intuitive.

With an eye on the second quarter of 2024, Oppo is preparing to launch its Reno 11 series, armed to the teeth with next-generation AI capabilities. One of these, theOppo AI Eraser, promises to be a real technological gem that, together with other surprises, will use the power of AndesGPT language model to offer us a tailored user experience. These features are the result of machine learning and content creation capabilities that open up new horizons of possibilities, from knowledge support to daily inspiration.

But Oppo doesn't stop there. The company plans to expand these amazing AI capabilities to multiple product lines and markets, showing boundless confidence in the potential of Oppo AI Center to elevate the app ecosystem on its devices. Plus, the promise of a development platform open source translates into an invitation to all technology creators to experiment, having at their disposal all the AI ​​tools necessary to innovate.

Pete Lau, Oppo's Chief Product Officer, recalls that the company's ambition is not only to be at the forefront of AI smartphones, but also to work closely with industry partners to continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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