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Baseus Cube Pro 65W the ultra-fast multiple charger from the Xiaomi ecosystem

Charging your smartphone is an operation that, for better or worse, affects us every day. Over time the speed has increasingly increased, thus reducing the wait to fully recharge it. There are different schools of thought on the issue and in this article I will tell you about them and I will also tell you about a very interesting product, the ultra-fast charger Baseus Cube Pro 65W (ecosystem Xiaomi).


Let's start from an always valid assumption: charging the smartphone with the supplied charger is (almost) ALWAYS the best option. This because? obviously because it is sized exactly for the maximum power (and charging protocol) that the phone can manage. What does this mean? Simple, the charging protocols are different (Qualcomm Quick Charge QC2.0-QC3.0, USB Power Delivery PD2.0-PD3.0, Adaptive Fast Charging AFC, Oppo Super VOOC Flash Charge, Huawei SCP, FCP, PPS, etc) as the charging powers are different, which today on some models exceed 100W, and the supplied charger will have the right protocol and the right power to best charge your smartphone.

Some assert that charging too quickly, namely those around 80/100/100+, can deteriorate the battery in a short time while others say that even if fast charging is not good for the battery, the shorter time of stress they have to endure however, it is a greater benefit and therefore preferable to slower recharges (which keep the battery charged for longer).

However, we must take into account that we could need an extra magazine, so in choosing it I would lean towards a nice middle ground, the one I will talk to you about today.

PACKAGE Baseus Cube Pro 65W

In the package we find:

  • Magazine (with Chinese attachment)
  • Instruction booklet
  • Warranty leaflet

OUTPUTS Baseus Cube Pro 65W

The outputs, as you can see, are 3. Two USB Type C and one USB Type A. The total power of 65w will be provided individually by the two Type C while it will be divided if multiple devices are connected in parallel. The Type A output can deliver the charge individually 30w maximums. Here I list the various combinations so that you can also check, based on your charger, whether there is the perfect one for your smartphone:

Type C1 – Type C2 output: 5Vx3A (15w), 9Vx3A (18w), 12Vx3A (36w), 15Vx3A (45w), 20Vx3.25A (65w):

Type A output: 5Vx3A (15w), 9Vx3A (18w), 12Vx2.5A (30w), 20Vx1.5A (30w)

Type C1 + Type C2 output: 45w + 20w

Type C1 + Type A output: 45w + 18w

Type C1 + (Type C2 + Type A) output: 45w + 15w

USE Baseus Cube Pro 65W

The incredible convenience of this charger is precisely that of being able to manage up to 3 devices simultaneously. The power of 65w it will also allow us to power a portal pc and to load a tablets without problems. I remind you that in addition you will need to have a power cable that supports these output powers. In fact, not all cables are the same and allow us to transport, in addition to data, also power up to ours 65w. In the final part of the article I will also suggest some cables compatible with these powers.

As far as security is concerned, we are at the highest levels which will also allow you to "sleep soundly" while charging your devices. 3C safety standard certified and with an integrated system that will reduce the charging intensity, after 80%, to avoid current overload on our devices. Simply put, you won't have to worry about damaging the charger or the device you're charging.


At this point the question is obligatory: does it really charge at the declared power? Well, I will tell you that using cables with displays that indicate the real output power, I have tested many chargers and few actually reach the values ​​declared by the manufacturers, even very important manufacturers (but let's not name names, it's always better...). I didn't have much doubt about it with this one Baseus, which I always remind you is an ecosystem Xiaomi. Here's a shot that gives you an idea...


You may be wondering why, among the sea of ​​offers, I spoke to you today about the Baseus Cube Pro 65W. Well there are many reasons: first of all, being a Xiaomi ecosystem, we have the certainty of taking home a high-level product, which guarantees real output power. In fact, I have tried many brand chargers using dedicated cables with displays to read the output in Watts poco known and the declared was quite far from the power actually delivered. Another discriminating factor is the possibility of recharging up to 3 devices together, which should not be underestimated nowadays, full as we are of electronic devices. Also important is the fact that our Baseus is compatible with many fast charging protocols, to be precise PD2.0, PD3.0, QC3.0, QC2.0, SCP, FCP, AFC, PPS and consequently there are many possibility of obtaining high charging values ​​with most smartphones on the market. Because it should be noted that, even if not perfectly compatible with your phone's charging protocol, you will still get very good charging speeds.

Last reason, no less important, is the economic question. In fact, the price at which you can find it on Amazon is around €60, but if you order it on GOOD BANG (thank you for sending the sample) you can take it home with a crazy discount! Included will be priority shipping which will deliver the product to you, without annoying customs duties, in approximately 15 days. The only flaw is the Chinese plug, so to use it with our sockets you will need an adapter. As always, I recommend the Vimar ones which cost around €2 and are very small and can be used anywhere without problems (including slippers).

Baseus Cube Pro 65W charger

24€ 65€
🇨🇳 Priority Shipping Included (No Customs)
9 Total score
Excellent charger

An excellent useful charger for all our devices

  • Compact
  • Triple exit
  • Compatible with USB Type A and Type C cable
  • Real power output
  • Aesthetically very beautiful
  • China - Italy adapter required
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