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BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Gaming Monitor Light Bar RGB at €17 priority shipping included

The monitor bar Blitzwolf BW-CML2 is an innovative lighting solution designed to improve the visual experience and comfort of users in front of the computer screen. This article explores the main features, benefits and potential applications of the BlitzWolf® BW-CML2, highlighting why it can be considered a valuable addition to any office or gaming setup: with RGB backlight, 15-mode switch, adjustable color temperature (2700-6500K), adjustable brightness 300-1000lux, asymmetric anti-glare design, touch controls.

Blitzwolf BW-CML2


Elegant and Functional Design

The BlitzWolf BW-CML2 stands out for its elegant and minimalist design, which fits perfectly with any monitor. The bar sits easily on top of the screen, reducing desktop clutter and keeping your workspace tidy. Its thin but sturdy structure is designed to last over time, ensuring constant and reliable lighting.

Optimized Lighting for Visual Comfort

One of the most popular features of the BlitzWolf® BW-CML2 is its ability to offer optimized lighting that reduces eye strain during long work or gaming sessions. The light bar emits a soft light that illuminates the desk directly without reflecting on the screen, effectively combating glare and improving the readability of text and the clarity of images.

Advanced Light Intensity Regulation Technology

The BlitzWolf® BW-CML2 is equipped with sensors that allow automatic adjustment of light intensity based on ambient light conditions. This means that the bar can automatically adjust to always offer the most comfortable light level for the user's eyes. Additionally, the bar also includes manual controls, allowing users to customize the lighting experience to their preferences.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

One of the strengths of the BlitzWolf® BW-CML2 is its ease of installation. The bar attaches easily to the top of almost any monitor thanks to its universal attachment system, making the use of additional tools or equipment unnecessary. This feature makes it compatible with a wide range of monitors, both domestic and professional.

Versatility of Use

In addition to being an excellent office lighting solution, the BlitzWolf® BW-CML2 is also ideal for gaming and other computer activities that require long hours of concentration. Its ability to improve visibility and reduce eye strain makes it a must-have accessory for any user looking to optimize their work or gaming environment.


The monitor bar BlitzWolf® BW-CML2 represents a significant innovation in the field of computer lighting. With its elegant design, advanced dimming features, ease of installation and versatility of use, it is an optimal solution for anyone looking to improve their screen experience. Whether working for hours on the computer or immersing yourself in long gaming sessions, the BW-CML2 offers a winning combination of style, functionality and visual comfort.


Gaming Monitor Light Bar BlitzWolf BW-CML2

17€ 49€
🇨🇳 Priority Shipping Included (No Customs)

Gaming Monitor Light Bar BlitzWolf BW-CML2 Air

12€ 39€
🇨🇳 Priority Shipping (No Customs)
Nominal inputDC 5V / 2A
Nominal power7.5w
Working temperature-10 ° C ~ 45 ° C
Lamp body dimensions22x460mm
Color temperature2700K-6500K
led light Source2835 lamp bead

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