[ChangeLog] Weekly MIUI 4.1.3 in English (Preview)

Hello MIUIers, here we arrived at the 2014, 4.1.3 release.

Since the MIUI V5 has reached a fair degree of maturity, the novelties now count on the tip of the fingers. Expecting tomorrow's full changelog, let's take a look at the preview.

Featured in the ChangeLog of the MIUI 4.1.3

  • Added support to the download engine Xunlei download that increases the speed of 70%

Screenshot_2014-01-02-11-33-22 Screenshot_2014-01-02-11-34-07[Clear]

Link to Downloads

[button-green position = "center" url = "http://en.miui.com/download.html" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 4.1.3 - English / Chinese (NOT AVAILABLE)[/ Button-green] [clear]
[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 4.1.3 - Multilanguage (NOT AVAILABLE)[/ Button-green] [clear]
[button-green position = "center" url = "http://www.miui.it/download-miui/" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 4.1.3 - Italian (NOT AVAILABLE)

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[alert-announce] We will update this same page as soon as the video and the official changelog and the download links are ready. Come back and visit us or follow us on social networks! [/ Alert-announce]


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6 years ago

when will the miui v6 come out? do you know anything?

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