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Chuwi Hi10 X Review - The 2 in 1 CHEAP and COMPLETE !!!

After an initial explosion of consensus, tablets have undergone a real decline in the tech market globally and therefore the various manufacturers have had to reinvent the concept of sofa tablet by proposing 2 in 1 solutions such as the protagonist of today's review, the Chuwi Hi10 X , complete with keyboard and touch stylus pen. I'm not particularly fond of tablets but this Chuwi Hi10 X Free MpXNUMX Download will he be able to convince me? Let's find them together in our full review but first thank you online store Banggood for sending the sample.

chuwi hi10x


Chuwi Hi10 X is part of the company's top range, yet a sales package made of recycled cardboard has been adopted, inside which we can find in addition to the tablet thewall power supply with European socket 12V / 2W (24watt) at the end of which a USB Type-C terminal is inserted, a multilingual user guide including Italian, guarantee, a slip certifying the conformity of the product and finally a further manual with a summary of the tests carried out regarding compliance. Moreover, the cable in the package is about 2,5 meters long thus allowing us to distance ourselves a lot from the energy source.

We will also find one protective film already applied on the display but unfortunately of poor quality as it affects the responsiveness of the display.


The design of the Chuwi Hi10 X is very sober and classic but it is possible to appreciate the assembly of good quality as well as the structure made entirely of satin aluminum which you can see the CNC metal processing. On the back we find in addition to the company logo the 5 megapixel camera with no LED flash. On the front of the tablet we find a large display from 10.1 in 16: 10 and the 2 megapixel selfie camera, as well as the soft touch button with the Windows logo to call up the Start menu, but also an LED located in the upper left corner of the panel which however only lights up when the device is being charged and / or switched on .

On the upper profile we find the on / off button and volume rocker made of plastic, so successful that it looks like metal and above all well assembled even if there is a small play between them and the body. The lower profile instead is used for the slots for thehook up the official keyboard while the right profile houses one of the two audio speakers. Finally, the left profile in addition to the second audio speaker incorporates the slot for inserting a micro SD memory card, the USB Type-C 3.0 input, an additional USB Type-C 2.0 input which also performs the charging function as well as support OTG, microphone, micro HDM portI for connecting the tablet to a monitor or TV and the 3.5 mm input for earphones.

There are not many sensors, not even the one related to ambient brightness, but we find the presence of the gravity sensor and the magnetic one. The construction is really well done and the Chuwi HiBook Pro does not flex at any point proving very solid. To conclude, the tablet measures 167,3 x 261,8 x 8,8 mm with a weight of 600 grams without keyboard, perhaps too excessive a burden if you decide to use it only as a tablet and not as a 2 in 1.


The panel from 10.1 IPS in full rolling used on the Chuwi Hi10 X it is perhaps not the main course, even if it boasts one Full HD resolution  equal to 1920 x 1200 pixels with 16 ratio: 10 and sRGB color profile. The brightness range is not very wide and there is not much difference between the minimum and the maximum level, but still appreciable in domestic environments always resulting in living up to expectations. In direct sunlight, on the other hand, it is difficult and this could compromise the use of the tablet outside the door.

Colors reproduced on the display of the Chuwi Hi10 X are enjoyable but unfortunately poco bright even if the chromatic range is very well reproduced, while the blacks seem to be deep even if they tend to turn gray with certain viewing angles which instead are excellent, a true ally for multimedia content offered by Youtube and similar platforms, considering the possibility of playback even in 4K resolution. At the factory we find a scratch-resistant film pre-installed which reduces the anti-reflective treatment, however it is as poor as the oleophobic one. Note the presence of digital pen support as well as 10 touch points.

chuwi hi10x


On this type of products it is easy to come across the classic Intel Gemini Lake N4100 CPU quadcore with 14nm production process and x86 architecture and maximum frequency of clock to 2.4 GHz Reliable Turbo Boost e poco energy-consuming that coupled to Intel HD Graphics 600 GPU  XNUMXth generation and advanced ULV technology ea 6 GB LPDDR4 of RAM memory make the user experience particularly enjoyable. They are also present 128 GB of internal memory eMMC 5.0 although available we will find poco more than 80 GB as the rest occupied by the Windows 10 Home Edition operating system. The module is not missing Bluetooth 5.0 and dual band WiFi connectivity which unfortunately does not offer great sailing speeds.

chuwi hi10x

There are no further sensors but the support for OTG on both Type-C ports, are a plus not to be underestimated, as not only can you expand the available memory but above all for example, you will also be able to connect a USB hub  to combine with mouse, keyboard, USB sticks etc .. Unfortunately, however, these do not allow the transfer of the video stream, which must necessarily be conveyed by the micro HDMI port.

chuwi hi10x


Certainly the photographic sector has never been the best on the various tablets in general and especially on the 2 in 1 typology but in any case for the basic activities, having a presence of it does not hurt. And so the Chuwi Hi10 X incorporates 2 cameras of which that front of the 2 megapixel which allows you to make discreet video calls via Skype or similar programs while the rear camera is a unit from 5 megapixels in 4: 3 which allows in good lighting conditions to take photos or videos of acceptable quality but still with a very high noise dominant. But be careful not to activate the digital video stabilization integrated in the Windows Camera app, as you will end up with an annoying delayed effect during the video / image acquisition phase.

chuwi hi10x

The qualitative difference between the main and secondary rooms is practically negligible. They can also be turned Full HD video to 30 fps while we go down to 720p 30 fps if we use the front camera. The software is basically basic however, we will not use this device as a camera phone.

chuwi hi10x


Have 2 speaker and then a stereo sound it's really comfortable and also the volume level is really full-bodied. Unfortunately the audio is really unbalanced on the high tones and the bass they are somewhat absent and the position of the speakers is perhaps not optimal as if we use the Hi10 X as a simple tablet, we risk hindering the sound from the speakers. Definitely better instead is the audio returned through the earphones connected to the 3.5 mm jack.

chuwi hi10x



The Chuwi Hi10 X tablet integrates the Microsoft solution, Windows 10 Home Edition with regular active license enough to receive the various updates and security patches released by Microsoft. Needless to say, in this case it's like having a mini pc always at your fingertips and that using the available USB ports we can for example connect a keyboard (if you do not want to use the one proposed by Chuwi) or a mouse to facilitate, for example, office activities such as word processing of documents.

chuwi hi10X

In gaming, the Chuwi tablet behaves very badly with more resource-intensive games like Asphalt 9 with an unpleasant one overheating of the body, which after a few minutes becomes evident and slightly annoying. Needless to say the Windows environment offers great potential and without huge demands you can have excellent satisfactions. The interesting thing is that we can also install programs like Photoshop or Sony Vegas, certainly without demanding a lot but still give that added value to this Chuwi tablet, which can possibly be exploited to the best with lighter solutions such as Gimp or Da Vinci.

chuwi hi10x


Of the battery supplied to the Chuwi Hi10 X have not been released specification about the mAh offered (on Amazon it is reported as a 3250 mAh) if not the fact that this is a 24.05 Wh unit that manages to guarantee the standard use of a day as long as you don't stress it over the classic office use. We manage to bring home a result that is between 5 and a half hours of active screen using the tablet for web browsing, reading news, watching streaming video, mail and typing documents. Full charging through the supplied charger takes approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. It is better to specify that you will be forced to always use the supplied charger, or equip yourself with another with the same characteristics.


To complete the experience of this 2 in 1 there are the accessories included in the kit and therefore in the final price, such as the keyboard and pen. Let's start by analyzing the keyboard, which is also contained in a recycled cardboard sales box containing the keyboard and nothing else.

chuwi hi10x

The construction is made with double material, such as brushed aluminum for the front part where we find a American-style layout, but in the initial start-up phase you can select the software layout in Italian, therefore the accented letters must be searched or you will have to buy a kit of stickers that will not compromise the writing since no backlight is offered. In the upper part of the keyboard block there are two small ones LED certifying the switching on of the keyboard and the insertion of the Caps Lock.

The stroke of the keys is quite long and this does not allow a very facilitated writing, also thanks to the reduced space of the available surface that forced the company to opt for the insertion of some keys in a really reduced format, therefore we could go to press some keys instead of others, in the most excited stages of writing. On the whole surface we also find six silicone rubbers that will preserve the display of the tablet as closed as a book on the keyboard, avoiding resting and scratching.

chuwi hi10x

We also have a trackpad which recognizes the Windows gesture but that has not proved very easy, not only for the reduced size but also due to a sliding on the touch poco fluid as it is made of plastic. Overall, however, we will be able to make the best use of our tablet in office mode, for example during university study sessions or for writing articles.

The back of the keyboard is instead made of polycarbonate with insertion of 4 non-slip rubbers to stabilize the tablet when open. We find instead on the sides, one on each side, two USB Type-A 2.0 ports to insert keys and / or accessories or directly a printer. Finally complete the equipment one hinge in which are inserted the contacts for attachment to the tablet and the magnetic pogo pins for powering the keyboard, but the hinge does not allow a wide opening angle thus forcing us to exploit few inclinations. Convenient instead the automatic keyboard recognition that once on / off will switch our 2 in 1 from tablet mode to PC mode.

Let's move on to Hi Pen 6, a pen that allows you to write on the touchscreen of our tablet e take notes and sketches as if we were dealing with a sheet of paper. The construction is made in aluminum and in the terminals we find the touch tip and hidden by an orange silicone cap, the entrance micro USB for charging. In the package we also find the micro USB cable (very short), an accessory for the extraction of the tip and a spare tip.

On the body of the pen we find a small one Status LED e two buttons which will perform the rubber and right click functions. Basically the writing with the pen happens in a rather fluid way even if the recognition of the stroke does not always happen in real time, presenting some micro delay. We also have no recognition of the inclination levels but only the pressure levels (1024 pressure points declared) even if we certainly cannot associate this pen with what is provided, for example, supplied with graphic tablets.

What is welcome is the presence of the Palm Rejection, which allows us to write with the pen on the tablet by placing the palm of the hand without it being recognized. However, productivity in the office environment is guaranteed, allowing for take notes for example on PDF or directly from web pages, sign documents and why not make even more or less complex drawings. Of course it would be preferable to combine a dedicated program, downloadable from the Microsoft store.

chuwi hi10x


The Chuwi Hi10 X is therefore a flexible and complete terminal to be used for leisure or at a more productive level under the Windows 10 system. Apart from the small shadows of which we have spoken to you, the Chuwi Hi10 X has resulted in a perfect mix between productivity and leisure which find even more prominence thanks to the convincing construction as well as the good display. I personally found this 2 in 1 tablet one good economic solution which contains quality in every respect especially if we look at the price of only 239,99 euros proposed by Banggood thank you for sending the sample.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

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