This is the Xiaomi 12S Ultra clone but it costs 10 times less

Xiaomi 12S Ultra it is, as we have seen, it is most popular smartphone of the last few months. We certainly have some killer performance from his, mainly due to his two key points: latest generation processor and cameras. It is a beautiful smartphone, there is no denying it, so much so that the situation has reversed: from a "copycat" brand Xiaomi has become a "copied" brand. here is the device clone which sells for poco more than €100. Let's see it together.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra clone was presented in China. Despite the similarities with the original, its price is significantly lower!

Xiaomi 12S Ultra is very popular, but not all users can afford the flagship device. A Chinese brand poco known is committed to “solve” this situation. In the online stores of the Celestial Empire a replica of the device has appeared, which costs several times cheaper. And although the device has nothing to do with Xiaomi, at first glance it really is difficult to distinguish the clone from the original. The smartphone is sold under the name Coolbi 14S Ultra. On the product sheet, it looks exactly like the Xiaomi 12S Ultra (unless the seller simply used photos of the Xiaomi flagship). 

xiaomi 12s ultra clone

Interestingly, one of the images shows the wallpaper of OnePlus smartphones with the Never Settle slogan as a background image. The processor model of the smartphone is not indicated in the description but for the price at which it is sold, it is certainly not the same Snapdragon 8+ Gen1. The characteristics of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra clone smartphone indicate that it is equipped with a display with a diagonal of 6.8″ without specifying the manufacturing technology. The battery capacity of the smartphone, judging by the description, is from 6800 mAh, the amount of RAM is 10GB, and the built-in storage is 128GB. Among other features, a camera is mentioned 48 megapixel and a front camera from 32 megapixel.

The cost of the device is about 120 €, with the original costing more than €1000 (converted from Chinese yuan)

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