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Offer - Xiaomi Pro 300M 2.4G WiFi Amplifier Black to 13 € 2 guarantee years Europe

If you are looking for a signal amplifier that can completely cover your home, Pro 300M is probably the right choice. Guaranteed quality Xiaomi, at a special price thanks to our coupon:

The dual antenna provides full coverage with a high performance 300Mbps transmission. Compatible with a multitude of routers of the most disparate brands, supports up to 64 devices simultaneously. The setting is immediate (plug and play) and the settings are easily adjusted via the Xiaomi Mi app. An exceptional device for practicality and performance, at this price, can not be left out.

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Is it compatible with a Telecom Italia 768600 Fiber ADSL Modem Router? - ​​The Italian n.1 community for Xiaomi products
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