XIAOMI Heating Blanket on offer for only € 35 is the perfect product for those who are cold!

XIAOMI Heating Blanket

€35 €45
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XIAOMI heating blanket in suede, with carbon fiber heating system, continuous temperature control, intelligent timer, dual power modes, 3 temperatures.

- Select High-end Suede

Choose high-cost suede fabric, good width, micro-elastic fit, skin-friendly, soft and comfortable, and care for your warm time.

- Carbon Fiber Heating

Using carbon fiber heating technology, heating is faster and safer. There are temperature measurement protection lines, insulation layers, etc., capable of real-time temperature control, insulation protection, flame-retardant protection, line protection, etc.

- Constant Temperature Guard

NTC intelligent temperature control, warm and secure, with its own temperature detection line, waterproof and flame retardant, no safety hazards.

- 2H / 4H Smart Timing

Intelligent timing, safe guarding, worry-free use.

- Two power supply methods

USB port / power bank connection can generate heat, 5V safety voltage is available everywhere. Heating can be as long as 6-18h at different temperatures.

- Three-speed Temperature Control

The digital display temperature can be seen, and the different heating temperature is 37 ℃ / 45 ℃ / 52 ℃ optional.

Product ModelQ35
MaterialHigh-simulation Sheepskin Double-sided Fleece + Silicone
ColorPink / Blue
Rated Voltage5V
Optional Power Supply USB Output5V
Rated Power8W
Power Bank (Optional) Capacity5000mAh
Suggested Storage Temperature0-60 ℃
Temperature AdjustmentThree Levels Of Temperature Adjustment (37/45/52 ℃)
Power Source Dry battery
Heating TimingSecond Gear Timing (2h / 4h)
Electric blanket width81-110CM
ConnectionLine120 mm
Executive StandardsGB4706.2005 4706.99-2009
Safety categoryGB18401 (Class B)
Product Size1040x690mm
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