Scoop: MIUI 13 will also arrive for these decidedly dated Xiaomi

MIUI 13 has arrived officially in China and will also arrive on the Global market next year. The features of this latest release are many and we know that, although not all of them, the most important ones will also arrive in Europe. We got to see what the Global smartphones that will be officially updated. As expected, however, the older ones will not be able to receive the update. but yet Xiaomi Mi 6, My 8, Mi MIX 2 e Mi MIX 2S they will still update to MIUI 13. We explain how.

Xiaomi, or rather the geek developers, will bring the MIUI 13 also on Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi 8, Mi MIX 2 and Mi MIX 2S ... and also Mi Pad 4

How revealed by the Xiaomiui team, it seems that some developers (so these are unofficial ROMs in this case) are working for bring the MIUI 13 on Xiaomi Mi 6, My 8, Mi MIX 2 and Mi MIX 2S. Some of these smartphones some time ago had been "pardoned" by Xiaomi as they have received the MIUI 12.5 despite their venerable age. Among all the Xiaomi Mi 6 is the oldest considering that it came out in Europe in the distant February of 2017.

That said, let's remember that the ROMs in question for these devices are based on the original Chinese ROM. Consequently, as we can also see in the photos, the Italian language is not present. It will undoubtedly be possible, by installing it, to use other languages ​​such as English but we doubt that support for Services Google. These are essential for us European users as everything runs only thanks to them.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is also updated to MIUI 13 thanks to the work of these developers. But When it will arrive the Android skin for these devices? The following are the release periods according to the developers themselves:

  • Xiaomi Mi 6: ROM already available Thu
  • Xiaomi Mi 8: release expected in January 2022
  • Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: release expected in January 2022
  • Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S: release expected on December 31, 2021
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 4: ROM already available Thu

Source | Uotan

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10 months ago

Video here, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S MIUI 13, in spanish

11 months ago

Uo I have a mi8 but I have never received the 12.5. it's normal?

11 months ago

Thank you!