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Degrii Zima Pro wireless ultrasonic pool cleaner robot now on super offer on Amazon

Innovation in the field of pool cleaning took a huge leap forward with the introduction of the Degrii Zima Pro, the first ultrasonic and wireless robot pool cleaner in the world. This revolutionary device offers an efficient and effortless solution to keeping your pool clean.

Degrii Zima Pro wireless ultrasonic pool cleaner robot now on super offer on Amazon

Advanced ultrasonic technology

The heart of the Degrii Zima Pro is its ultrasonic radar navigation technology, which allows him to map the entire pool and plan a global cleaning route. This means that every inch of the pool, from the walls to the water line, is cleaned efficiently, leaving no untreated spaces. There powerful suction of 250W Easily removes dirt, leaves and small rocks, ensuring your pool is ready for your next dip.

Cordless design for maximum convenience

Forget about cable tangles and length limitations: the Zima Pro is completely wireless. Its innovative design eliminates the common problems of traditional robot cleaners, making pool cleaning a simple and pleasant activity. With a battery 10.000mAh, the robot offers up to 3,5 hours of continuous cleaninga, covering an area of ​​up to 460 m², making it suitable for most residential pools.

Intelligent control via app

The convenience doesn't end with the cordless design. The Degrii Zima Pro can be controlled and monitored via the Degrii app, which allows users to follow cleaning progress in real time and intervene manually if necessary. This smart feature ensures your pool is always cleaned to your liking, even when you're away from home.


Purchasing the Degrii Zima Pro represents a smart investment. Considering the average cost of a manual cleaning service, which can be up to €1.200 per year, the €899 price of the Degrii Zima Pro pays for itself in less than a year. Plus, the savings continue into subsequent years, making the Degrii Zima Pro an economical long-term choice.

Degrii Zima Pro on Amazon

Degrii Zima Pro

For a limited time, the Degrii Zima Pro is available on Amazon for a price discounted price of €899, thanks to a coupon of €200 and an additional discount of €100 during the special offer valid from 20 to 25 March 2024. Click here to go to the offer on Amazon.

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