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DJI launches Ronin 4D Flex, the new solution for professional filming 

DJI announced the launch of Ronin 4D Flex, its new professional filming solution that makes recording clips even more dynamic. It is a system that allows you to separate the camera or camcorder from the Ronin 4D and to connect it via cable to significantly reduce its weight. Being both an expensive and a very complex product, its use is recommended for users identification experts. Let's see its features and price.

The DJI Ronin 4D Flex is the new professional accessory that allows you to reduce the weight of the camera. For really PRO use only!

The DJI Ronin 4D Flex uses a relatively thin two-meter coaxial cable to connect to the Zenmuse X9, allowing Lossless image transmissions with up to 8K resolutionas well as real-time monitoring and control. All without the need to carry Ronin 4D's multiple accessories. The set also includes extension rods and suction cups to help users explore different shooting angles. According to DJI the Ronin 4D Flex can be used in any scenario, being particularly useful for long clips and shooting in areas that are difficult for the rugged camera to handle, such as vehicle interiors and narrow corridors.

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The Chinese manufacturer emphasizes the convenience of switching from the original Ronin 4D configuration to Ronin 4D Flex accessories. No special tools are needed - the whole set is designed so that you can adjust it with your bare hands. Simply connect the recording unit to the gimbal via the cable and start recording. The Ronin 4D Flex is compatible with the Ronin 4D ecosystem, so you can use it together with the grips and the dedicated monitor of the original set. It is also possible to shoot with kit, as supports a wide range of telephoto lenses, cinema and anamorphic lenses, including DJI's new DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0.

With Ronin 4D Flex, the camera weight is reduced to 1,8 kg, ideal for professionals who need to capture long-lasting footage in challenging environments. Unfortunately, the accessory does not support Z-axis stabilization. DJI Ronin 4D Flex is available on the official DJI website as an optional accessory for the Ronin 4D. The introductory price of this device is € 959.

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