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Duotts ​​D88 electric scooter for €1259 with shipping from Europe included

The electric scooter Duotts ​​D88 it is a powerful and versatile vehicle, designed to tackle both city driving and the roughest routes. Here are the main features: 11 inch off-road tires, 2800W*2 Double motor, 85Km/h Maximum speed, 60V 38Ah Battery, 100KM autonomy, 150KG maximum load, Double shock absorbers, with detachable seat


  1. Engine and Power: The Duotts ​​D88 is equipped with a double motor of 2800W each, thus reaching a total power of 5600W. This allows it to accelerate quickly and tackle slopes of up to 55°, offering remarkable performance on different types of terrain.
  2. Battery and Autonomy: Equipped with a 60V and 38Ah lithium battery, the scooter can achieve a range of 80-100km, depending on driving conditions, making it suitable for both short urban trips and long off-road adventures.
  3. Top speed: The maximum speed achieved by the scooter is 85 km/h, however it is important to note that the maximum speed legally permitted for road use in the European Union is 25 km/h.
  4. Tires and Cushioning: 11-inch off-road tires provide strong grip and excellent shock absorption ability, improving driving comfort and safety on different types of surfaces.
  5. Brakes and Safety: The hydraulic braking system of the Duotts ​​D88 ensures a quick and effective response, increasing safety while driving.
  6. Additional Features: The scooter includes a multi-function LCD display, front and rear lights for increased visibility, turn signals, and a foldable design for easy transportation and storage.
  7. Load Capacity and Materials: The scooter can support a maximum load of 150 kg and is built with an aluminum alloy frame, which guarantees sturdiness and lightness.

In conclusion, the duotts D88 presents itself as a high-performance electric scooter, ideal for those looking for power, autonomy and versatility both in the city and on off-road routes​​​​​.


Duotts ​​D88 electric scooter

1259€ 1899€
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