Here is the new mechanical clock of Xiaomi and CIGA Design!

After the first mechanical watch launched by Xiaomi last October, here the Chinese company tries again opening a crowdfunding for a new watch that, just 100 yuan more than the previous model, brings with it a definitely more refined design and a quality of higher level mechanics. Let's find out together!

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The clock was made in collaboration, again, with CIGA Design, using the talent and the pencil of the industrial designer Michael Young, a partnership that has led the watch to win the prestigious IF Gold Award 2017 and to be recognized internationally as a product with an excellent design.

Xiaomi and CIGA Design for a beautiful and refined watch!

Unlike the previous model, this watch has a circular metal dial that is to be inserted, without interruption, into the stainless steel case from diameter of 45 mm. On the other hand, it is the same inspiration that led Michael Young to create a watch with visible gears that in addition to being visible from the front are also from the rear.

xiaomi ciga design mechanical watch

Spending more words on the dimensional characteristics of the product, we see how the box has a total thickness of 12 millimeters, 1.3 of which occupied by sapphire crystal which, with the 9 grade in the Mohs scale, is positioned as hardness only below the diamond and a few other substances. The strap of 22 millimeters of width gives the watch an overall length of 242 millimeters and is available in both stainless steel and leather. The one in steel assumes the two colors Silver and Black, the same available for the dial and case, the one in leather, instead, only the black color.

xiaomi ciga design mechanical watch

Speaking of mechanics, for this watch we used a custom handling system based on the Seagull ST2551JK, a system with moving parts at a frequency of 21.600 times per hour and which guarantees an error range of -15 / + 30 seconds every 24 hours. Finally, it should be noted that the ruby ​​stones on which the gears rest are in number equal to 25, against the 19 on the model with a rectangular dial. The watch is impervious to liquids up to pressures of 3 atm, so dive resins up to 30 meters deep.

xiaomi ciga design mechanical watch

It is obvious that we are not talking about a watch for finishes and mechanics of thousands of euros, but it is still noteworthy for the price in which today was placed on the famous crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi: we talk about 899 yuan, about 117 euro at current exchange rate.

Is there anyone among you who likes this watch? I must admit that the Black model with leather strap is not bad at all! Do not you find?


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