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Pixel Experience says goodbye: what changes for Android fans?

The adventure of Pixel Experience, the well-known Android firmware that has given new life to countless devices, comes to an end. Jose Enrique, the visionary behind this project, recently announced a decision that surprised the community: the closure of the project. What led to this unexpected twist and how will it affect loyal users who have followed Android Custom ROM's journey for over six years?

The curtain closes: end of Pixel Experience

Jose Enrique and his team, after six years of commitment and innovation, have decided to put an end to the Pixel Experience project. This firmware, which has become synonymous with timely updates and customization on Android devices, has allowed many to enjoy the latest versions of Android, well beyond the expiration of official support from manufacturers. The decision to close arrives poco after the announcement of PixelExperience A14 beta, leaving the community in a state of surprise and reflection.

Pixel Experience's philosophy has always been to deliver an uncompromising Android experience even on extremely old smartphones, Combining fluidity, Customization and wide availability on different devices. Enrique and his team's contribution has broken barriers between users and the latest Android technology, proving that passion and collaboration they can redefine the possibilities of open source software.

pixel experience end of work message

In his touching farewell message, Jose expressed gratitude towards all those who supported the project, laid down by the community platforms to developers, recognizing the shared journey as an epic of innovation and dedication. Although the official development of PixelExperience ends here, the site and pre-existing resources will remain accessible, ensuring that the project's legacy lives on.

The end of Pixel Experience not only marks the conclusion of a significant chapter in the history of modding Android but it also invites reflection on what it really means to innovate and contribute to the open source community.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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