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Saily revolutionizes mobile connectivity with the new NordVPN eSIM

Traveling connected and safe is possible thanks to NordVPN. No, this article is not a hustler as the new service from the company known throughout the world for protecting privacy thanks to its VPN deserves praise. There NordVPN eSIM is set to be a game changer for travelers and remote workers. A post-sales service which combines global accessibility and internet security in one innovative package.

NordVPN's Innovation: eSIM for borderless connectivity

Tech enthusiasts and digital nomads will love NordVPN's eSIM, called “sally“, which is ready to debut on the market. This new service promises to change the internet connectivity experience, offering customized and accessible solutions for global access.

NordVPN, known for its products in the field of digital security such as NordPass, is now extending its expertise to the telecommunications sector with Saily. The goal is clear: to provide secure and reliable Internet access wherever you are in the world. This strategic move particularly targets frequent travelers and remote working professionals, a rapidly growing segment that requires innovative solutions to stay connected and protected.

preview presentation of saily, nordvpn's esim

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The NordVPN eSIM eliminates the need for physical SIMs, allowing users to take advantage of local mobile networks without the worry of having to replace SIM cards every time they change country. The versatility of NordVPN's eSIM is perfectly suited to the needs of frequent travelers, offering not only ease of use but also a higher level of security than often vulnerable public Wi-Fi networks.

Saily is currently undergoing internal testing, with a beta launch scheduled for the first quarter of the year. Registration for early access is already open on the official website, allowing early subscribers to be among the first to test and experience this service.

Another salient feature of the NordVPN eSIM is its compatibility with MultiSIM services, which allows you to use the same number on multiple devices, or vice versa, have multiple numbers on a single device. This represents a huge advantage for those who need manage multiple lines simultaneously, both for personal and professional reasons.


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