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Let's take a ride on the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini

A few days ago, during the last Xiaomi presentation event, various products were presented. Among them we remember the Xiaomi Mi TV 3 | Xiaomi Mi TV 3 officially presented |, the Xiaomi Mi TV Bar | Xiaomi Mi TV Bar officially presented | and the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini | Xiaomi Ninebot Mini is official |. Despite the excellent quality of the first two products, it is clear that everyone's attention has focused mainly on the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini, given that it is a completely new product category for the Chinese giant.

If until now we had the opportunity to see it only in the photo or through the technical features, in recent years the American editorial board of Cnet has published a small video overview that shows exactly the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini in action.

As can be seen from the video, it takes just 3 minutes to become familiar with this means of transport. After that, you can have a lot of fun going around with this vehicle. Being an American video, the data shown are not expressed according to the metric system, so we summarize them below:

  • 22 Km of autonomy with a single charge;
  • Maximum speed of 16 KM / h;
  • Maximum supported slope: 15%;
  • Weight: 12,8 KG;
  • Price: 300 about euro

It is also interesting to see how it is possible to maneuver it remotely through a smartphone application. Of course, having no control in your hands during use may seem dangerous and difficult to drive but, apparently, it is not.


via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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