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Fafrees are the electric bicycles suitable for everyone: many models, one better than the other

The Fafrees F20 line is having great success thanks towide choice of variants which satisfy all needs in all types of terrain. What all models have in common is the excellent technical equipment, the low price and a frame with a very low "stand over" which allows its use at all ages.

Our Customers selected the three models that we liked the most, but on GearBerry, which ships for free from the warehouse in Europe in 5/7 days, you will find an initiative that involves many models of electric bicycles (not just Fafrees) at really interesting prices. Visit the promotion page.

Fafrees F20 Pro electric bicycle

Fafrees F20 PRO

Let's start with the Pro version, which is not exactly the entry level of the brand, but which falls into a range already equipped with good technical equipment.

The Fafrees F20 PRO is equipped with a removable 36V battery with a capacity of 18Ah, made with the most advanced automotive-grade 21700 lithium cells, which allow you to obtain large capacity in a compact format. This battery is extremely easy to remove for charging and offers extraordinary autonomy, allowing you to travel up to 90 kilometers with the assistance of the electric motor on a single charge.

Il 250W brushless motor, with a maximum torque of 40N.M, is combined with an intelligent controller that guarantees a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Positioned at the rear of the Fafrees F20 PRO, this engine offers superior traction, simplified handling and requires less maintenance than other configurations.

The Fafrees F20 PRO is equipped with front suspension with 75mm travel and oil fork, which ensure exceptional comfort during your rides. Adjustable knobs let you customize cushioning based on your weight and the terrain you're riding on. Plus, the 7-speed Shimano gearbox offers precise, smooth shifts, allowing you to tackle any type of trail with ease.

The large intelligent LCD display provides important information such as speed, battery life, distance traveled and selected gear. Furthermore, it offers a walking assistance mode and a cruise control function to make your cycling trips even more enjoyable. With the Fafrees F20 PRO, you can enjoy maximum comfort, exceptional performance and greater autonomy on two wheels.

La Fafrees F20 PRO is available on GearBerry at the price of €1.049 including fast shipping from warehouse in Europe. Visit the purchase page for more details.

Fafrees F20 Max electric bicycle

Fafrees F20 MAX

La Fafrees F20 Max it is a powerful and versatile electric bicycle that offers an exceptional riding experience. With his 500W brushless motor, the F20 Max guarantees notable thrust, with a maximum torque of 54NM that allows you to tackle challenging climbs. It reaches a maximum speed of 25km/h, offering a perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency.

La 48V 22.5Ah battery with Samsung cells it is a true powerhouse, extending the range up to 100km on a single charge in pure power mode (85km for the 18Ah battery). Its design with integrated lock allows you to take it home and recharge it conveniently.

The large intelligent LCD display provides a comprehensive overview of crucial information, including speed, battery level, mileage and active gear. It has a walk assist mode and cruise control, offering smooth driving in any situation.

The 20*4.0″ CST tires are the beating heart of the F20 Max, offering superior traction in various driving conditions, whether on flat terrain, snow, sand, mud or gravel roads.

The low wheelbase folding frame makes this bike extremely accessible and suitable for virtually everyone. It can be folded into an ultra-compact size along with the handlebars and pedals, making it ideal for holiday travel and daily commutes.

For optimal comfort, the F20 Max is equipped with front suspension and a cushioned seat tube, ensuring immediate and long-lasting damping to adapt to your weight and the terrain you are pedaling on.

Safety is a priority, thanks to integrated front and rear lights and disc brakes that ensure effective braking both day and night. The 7-speed Shimano shifters offer precise and smooth shifts, ensuring a safe and pleasant ride.

Furthermore, the Fafrees F20 Max includes free practical accessories such as front and rear racks, mudguards and footrests, to make daily use even more comfortable without increasing the cost of the product. With the F20 Max, you'll enjoy exceptional performance, impressive battery life and superior comfort, all in a foldable, compact design that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

La Fafrees F20 MAX is available on GearBerry at the price of €1.299 including fast shipping from warehouse in Europe. Visit the purchase page for more details.

Fafrees FF20 Polar electric bicycle

Fafrees FF20 Polar

La Fafrees FF20 Polar is a versatile and powerful electric bicycle designed to offer excellent performance on various surfaces. This bicycle is equipped with a 500W hub motor, which offers a maximum torque of 65 Nm and can deliver power peaks of up to 860W, guaranteeing considerable climbing capacity. With the removable throttle handlebar, you can easily switch between three driving modes: fully electric, assisted by engine power or with human power alone.

One of the distinctive features of the FF20 Polar are the two 48V 10.4Ah batteries each, which can be used separately or combined. Thanks to a battery equalizer, the current is distributed evenly between the two batteries, increasing battery life and allowing you to travel up to 160 km in pedal assist mode (PAS).

The high-definition color LCD display offers simple control and features 5 preset speed levels. It shows a variety of important data such as speed, battery status, distance traveled and assistance level. Furthermore, it has a walking assist mode and a cruise control function to make your journey even more convenient.

The FF20 Polar is designed to offer comfort during long rides thanks to the front fork with 40 mm suspension, high volume tires and shock absorber bearing. These components absorb road roughness, ensuring long-term driving comfort.

Le wide 4,0 inch CHAOYANG tires with high grip they allow you to tackle different driving conditions, including flat terrain, snow, sand, mud and dirt roads.

Regarding safety, the bicycle is equipped with front and rear disc brakes which guarantee effective braking even on rough terrain. The 15W front and 5W rear lights ensure optimal visibility during your night rides.

Additionally, the FF20 Polar features a quick folding design making it extremely compact and easy to carry, ideal for travel or daily commuting. This bike is the perfect companion for day and night cycling adventures, offering exceptional performance and peace of mind while traveling.

La Fafrees F20 Polar is available on GearBerry at the price of €1.499 including fast shipping from warehouse in Europe. Visit the purchase page for more details.

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